Abbie Cornish linked to RoboCop reboot

News Glen Chapman 11 Jun 2012 - 06:18

Another cast member looks to be added to Jose Padilha’s reboot of RoboCop

With Jose Padilha's reboot of RoboCop set to start shooting in August it's little surprise that the casting announcements are coming in thick and fast now. Since we had the announcement that Joel Kinnaman will be playing Murphy, we've also had the news that Gary Oldman is playing the role of the scientist who created the RoboCop technology. Plus, most recently, Samuel L Jackson was announced as being cast as a powerful and charismatic media mogul.

Even with those pieces in place there are plenty of other key roles up for grabs, assuming all the characters from the first film will be present. The latest person approached for a role is Abbie Cornish, who is being considered for the role of Mrs Murphy. This time, the character will apparently play a greater role, rather than appearing only in flashbacks. 

This is one reboot that seems to have a fair bit of optimism surrounding it, which is more than justified given Padilha's talent as a director and the cast at his disposal. Here's hoping that this isn't another case of a talented foreign director failing to make a successful transition to Hollywood.


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I can't believe it but I'm actually starting to see now how this might be something more than the cheap cash-in I suspected when it was first announced.
We'll have to wait and see...

Call me a negative nancy but this film will be so abysmally awful I will probably never watch it, maybe in 8 years time when its on BBC1 (if that even still exists in 2020). Robocop is still such an amazing film and always will be becuase of the period it was made. Pragmatism rules the day in 1980s classics but these days CGI is king. I've heard the director talking about 'exploring the human side of becoming a robot (actually dude he's a cyborg, part man part machine) and have to ask has he seen the original. It's all about mans inner humanity, it's all about the dichotomy of man, it constantly asks is a body just a vessel for our brains, is there more to life than breathing and procreating. Verhoeven has a deep understanding of the spiritual. This new film will just be about shooting stuff and looking cool and theres more than enough of that rubbish already. And here's a crazy idea, why not try making a film without Sammy L Jackson in it? There are other actors ya know!

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