Michael Fassbender linked with RoboCop remake

News Simon Brew
25 Sep 2011 - 20:19

Director Jose Padilha throws Michael Fassbender's name into the hat for the upcoming new take on RoboCop. Plus, the first hints of when the film is set to shoot...

At long last, for better or worse, the new take on RoboCop looks to be gaining some traction. The MGM financial problems that had held the project up are resolved (ish), and Jose Padilha has been appointed to direct the new film.

Furthermore, the plan is to shoot the film early next year it now seems, which points towards a 2013 release date. And Jose Padilha has been giving his thoughts on the project.

After confirming that he was working on the script, he said, of the casting of the title role, that  “I can't talk yet, it's too early to speak, but there are some actors I like. I really like the Fassbender, I'd like to talk to him. I'll talk to him." adding, "there's a lot of other great actors that would play RoboCop.”

Well, blimey.

Casting Michael Fassbender wouldn’t be a bad way to get us interested in a project that thus far, aside from the appointment of Padilha, we’ve had precisely zero enthusiasm for. But there's a long way to go on this one, we sense.

It certainly sounds, though, that Padilha, who was giving an interview at Globo 1, is concerned about getting the project right. He’s also revealed that the plan is to keep the film’s setting as Detroit.

You can see Padilja’s interview, here.

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