Chris Pine in pole position to be the new RoboCop?

News Simon Brew
13 Jul 2011 - 07:04

Could Chris Pine swap Star Trek for RoboCop? He’s apparently emerged as the top choice for MGM’s reboot of the franchise…

Much though we like Chris Pine, the actor does seem to be an automatic shoo-in at the top of a lot of blockbuster casting lists right now. He's already committed to doing a Star Trek sequel, and he's also Paramount's choice to be the new Jack Ryan, in the planned new movie, Moscow.

But now, he also appears to have bubbled to the top of the shortlist for MGM's planned new take on the RoboCop franchise.

It's hardly, you'd think, a particularly compelling role for a an actor, given that they're going to spend much of the movie in a tin can, yet Pine is the studio's choice to follow in the metallic boots of Peter Weller and Robert Burke. Movieweb is reporting that MGM is looking for a younger actor to take the part, and Pine's age of 30 fits the bill.

No official offer has apparently been made to Pine yet, and we'd be surprised if he took the role. Still, stranger things have happened.

What we do know is the Jose Padilha is locked in to direct the film, and that Joshua Zetumer has been hired to put the screenplay together. We'd imagine that the target is for a 2013 release date.


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