Universal confirms Riddick for September 2013

News Simon Brew 19 Dec 2012 - 07:49

Vin Diesel returns to the big screen as Riddick in the autumn of 2013, it's been confirmed...

It sounds like it’s been something of a battle, and a labour of love on behalf of David Twohy and Vin Diesel, to bring Riddick back to the big screen. It’s little secret that there were financial-related issues earlier in the production that nearly led to Riddick being shut down, but thankfully, these were resolved.

And that means that the coast is clear for the new film to make its way to cinemas. The new film is now in post-production, and David Twohy has written and directed it. In front of the camera, Diesel is joined by Katee Sackhoff and Karl Urban.

Finally, we now know when to expect the film too. The new Riddick movie, it’s been announced, will arrive in cinemas on September 6th. Furthermore, it’s getting both a conventional and an IMAX release, it’s been confirmed.

We’ll have more on Riddick closer to the time…

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Brilliant. I have a lot of love for Chronicles of Riddick even though nobody else has.

Big fan also. Glad to see they are bringing it back.

Finally, a sequel I want to see!

The Chronicles of Riddick is probably my favourite Sci-Fi. Bring on the 6th of Sept!

I find it odd that Chronicles of Riddick has a bad rep, I'm constantly seeing comments talking about how underrated it is... I've always liked it, it's the closest we're likely to get to a Warhammer 40k movie and has some good performances...

Conversely I'm always seeing positive comments about the hugely contrived Pitch Black. I think the move from dumb sci-fi actioner to ethereal fantasy didn't go down well with the majority

Chronicles of Riddick was a gem

Exactly, and let's face it CofR was exactly that -- a Sci-fi movie. It established a new universe for adults, not for kids or teens, to enjoy. Yes there were flaws, but i'd take another Riddick film over the menagerie of other so-called sci fi flicks any day (yeah i'm looking at you Transformers!).

Will really be looking forward to this one.

You keep what you kill.

For adults? They took an R rated film and made a PG-13 sequel. More like for young adults.

Loved first one hope script as good this time

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