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EIFF 2015: Chuck Norris vs Communism review

Andrew Blair Review Jul 1, 2015

Was there ever a more interesting movie title? Plus, Chuck Norris vs Communism does live up to its name...

Terminator Genisys review

Ryan Lambie Review Jul 1, 2015

Schwarzenegger's back, but how does Terminator Genisys match its predecessors? Here's Ryan's verdict...

Maggie review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 26, 2015

Maggie may be an Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle, but it's Abigail Breslin who really steals the show...

Everyone's Going To Die review

Simon Brew Review Jun 26, 2015

Welcome to the winner of 2015's most misleading movie title competition....

Uncanny review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 26, 2015

Unable to escape comparisons to Ex Machina, Uncanny is nevertheless a fantastic, thought-provoking AI film in its own right...

Inside Out review

Andrew Blair Review Jun 24, 2015

Pixar's latest movie, Inside Out, shows us the world through the eyes of our emotions. Be warned: some of those emotions might leak out...

Minions review

Simon Brew Review Jun 23, 2015

The Minions get their own Despicable Me spin-off movie. But it's a bumpy ride...

The Longest Ride review

Mark Harrison Review Jun 22, 2015

Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood star in the latest Nicholas Sparks adaptation to make it to film. Here's our The Longest Ride review.

Accidental Love review

Ryan Lambie Review Jun 18, 2015

Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal star in the long-shelved comedy, Accidental Love. Ryan finds out whether it was worth the 7-year wait...

Mr Holmes review

Louisa Mellor Review Jun 17, 2015

Ian McKellen plays a retired Sherlock Holmes, in Bill Condon’s sensitive film about ageing, death, fact and fiction…