Paul W S Anderson on his next and last Resident Evil film

News Simon Brew 17 Jun 2014 - 06:35

The next Resident Evil movie will definitely be his last, confirms writer/director Paul W S Anderson...

Given that the last two films in the Resident Evil movie series have comfortably cleared $200m at the worldwide box office, it's little surprise that writer/director Paul W S Anderson is pressing ahead with his plans for a sixth film. And he's confirmed, in line with previous comments made, that he's expecting this to be his last one.

Chatting to Collider, Anderson revealed that the working title of the new film is Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. "It may end up being the final title, but that's what's written on the front page of my script", he said. When quizzed as to whether that meant this would be the last film, Anderson said "absolutely".

It's still going to be a while until we see the movie though. "I don't know", Anderson admitted when asked when we might see the final film. "Depends how fast I write, I guess. There's no set date yet, but hopefully we'll have an announcement for that soon".

Our guess would be for a September 2015 release, although that may be cutting things fine. The film will indeed be in 3D again too.


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just make a rebooted tv series out of it

Terrible series of films but with a few beers down me I cannot help but have fun when watching them.

Of course, if this really is the last film and it comes out in 2015 then it wouldnt surprise me if they rebooted it in around 2018/18. I honestly cannot imagine them wanting to do away with a franchise that brings in so much money.

Fingers crossed they do something different with the reboot.

Even though the Resident Evil movies were never groundbreakingly good (aside of the first one - still one of my most favorite horror movies), I always find solace in the fact, that every year and then, Milla Jovovich is running around in skintight suits, moaning and grunting her way through wanton destruction and hatred of logic.

So it is with a sad eye that I read these news today.

"The next Resident Evil movie will definitely be his last".... LMFAO! No it wont and we all know damn well it wont. If he doesn't make these films who in the actual right f-king mind is going to hire him or his wife to do anything? Exactly. We will be getting RE movies for a while to come yet. They are like death and taxes, inevitable and just as unwelcome.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first few films, especially the first. However the series did get a bit... Silly to say the least.

Good stuff, I like the RE films. Fun with a beer when there's masses of ironing to do, or as a bit of friendly background while working or grinding away online.

"Depends how fast I write, I guess."

There's a writer?

"Depends how fast I write, I guess."

Yeah, cause "big explosion, zombies running, Milla high-kicking, bigger explosion" is something that takes a lot of time to be written down on a page.

For "write," read "throw darts at a board full of cheese dreams."

Resident Evil has more final chapters than Return of the King. Afterlife was billed as the "final chapter," then Retribution was "the final chapter," and now this?

What makes it worse is that I used to love the games and I actually really enjoyed the first three films (even crappy Apocalypse). Afterlife was already nonsensical but when I saw Retribution the only "final" anything it became was "nail in the coffin." I can't describe how much I hate that film. *SPOILER* Why on earth was Wesker suddenly a good guy at the end? *END SPOILER*

It really bugs me that his wife is the star of the movies too. It's all gone too super powered instead of special police units vs zombies. Under a better writer, director and casting person the franchise should have more than enough material to work from, and heaven forbid they should try to make the films scary. Even fan fiction is better than what we've been getting from Anderson. I've read George Romero's original script and while it's still terrible it does at least fit the first game.

'There's a writer?', Kudos Sir, Kudos

I enjoy Paul W S Anderson films. There, I've said it.

Yeah, its a tank of Manatees

that's gold.

Wow! A salmon helmet! Thanks!

I shall now rank the Resident Evil movies from bad to worst... erm..... errrrr.....erm...

This really is a film crying out for a reboot

There should be a law that actively prevents dumbing down video game and comic book material.

Believe it or don't, Anderson is the most successful Brit director of all time. No other has generated as much revenue from these shores in cinema history. Not even Hitchcock, or either Scott brother. He's a really affable guy too, but Event Horizon was never bettered.
It became something of a tradition to watch this series. I lost count of them eventually. Might've been Resident Evil: After Dentures, or Resident Evil: Pygmalion. Several ruined a perfectly good nap. Still, can't get worse right?
(Somewhere, Anderson is saying...)

well done, admitting it is the first stage of recovery. I like Fast & Furious films, even Fast & Furious 3, especially Fast & Furious 3.
who's next?

Writing it doesn't mean it's going to be filmed . . . . yet

I really enjoyed the first two movies. I think Paul WS Anderson is a bit underrated. He's certainly the only person I can think of who has made (at least!) coherent movies based on video games.

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