Resident Evil 6 movie not coming this year

News Simon Brew 4 Feb 2014 - 06:35

It's definite: Paul W S Anderson won't have a new Resident Evil movie this year (although he still plans to make one)

Director Paul W S Anderson has teased that he has one more Resident Evil movie to make, and Sony is keen for him to make it. The franchise has proven to be a very profitable one at the box office, and a rough release date of September 12th 2014 had been mooted for the new film.

But that's not going to be met. Anderson has been working on his new movie, Pompeii, which is due for release in the UK in May, and he's been promoting the film in the US. He was asked about the new Resident Evil movie while he was there, and it was revealed that work hadn't really begun on the new film. "We'd like to do another Resident Evil movie. Definitely. But the wheels aren't quite in motion yet", he told Collider.

Our best guess then would be to expect Resident Evil 6 - or whatever it ends up being called - in 2015, more than likely around the series' usual September release slot. When we get that confirmed, we'll let you know. But it's definitely not coming this year.


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Good! Mediocre films and ridiculous CGI action sequences. I do like his Three Musketeers movie, because that one was so funny OTT. But the Resident Evil films - B-Movie fare at best IMHO.

Agree with the Three Musketeers, that was great fun. But there's always room for good B movies too. ;)

I know they're just a bit of fun, but I still have never enjoyed one of these films.

I remember playing the original game on my PS and thinking how tense and scary the game was. Why can they not make a Resident Evil film like that?

Every time a door slowly opened I shat myself! Don't try to act like you didn't either!

Better than more Underworld

Hasn't been good since the 1st one. Still watch though, just for milla :-)

Although I actually like these films, I mean they're def not high calibre but enjoyable enough. I would agree with you I would love a film to reflect the atmosphere of the original game. There was one bit inside a house in a corridor where a Doberman comes through a window which definitely required an underwear change.

Paul W S Anderson is the Hitler of filmmaking and there's a special rung in hell reserved for him and his tawdry "Resident Evil" offerings.

There'll always be lower level reserved for Michael Bay.

You're probably right. Perhaps a second viewing with lowered expectations will do the trick. I'll try sometime.

There have been five Resident Evils already?


Imagine the outrage if this were the sixth Dredd movie.

Oh yeah, The Three Musketeers! I loved that Assassin's Creed influenced take on the material. (Not to mention Orlando Bloom having the most fun in the world playing the villian.) I would watch a sequel of that!

I sooo agree with u ....... I was so excited for this movie!!!!! ;((

I adore the resident evil films :D Well maybe not Extinction but all the rest are amazing, im not really a lover of the games TBH, Hopefully the final film will be one that everyone loves ;D

Synopsis of Resident Evil 6 Salvation Part 1. Should this, it has everything to do with the game please if you are in favor of the movie is so then share until you reach Paul WS Anderson.

This time Alice will have to save the world again, but now with the help of his friends and his nemesis Albert Wesker. After talking to Wesker Umbrella Corporation has the cure for humanity, they leave the search for salvation, which you have to find healing in each Umbrella facilities, situated in Antarctica, part of the European continent and China. Along the way they encounter zombies, new monsters and their friends Chris, Claire and K-Mart that will be accompanied by Jake Muller. But Alice and her friends will have to be strong to face the Neo-Umbrella in China, which is being led by the Red Queen who want to annihilate the entire human race and Carla Radames with the help of Rain Ocampo who survived and wants revenge on Alice . But more surprises await Alice and her friends in the race to save mankind.

Very good synopsis I saw it on wikipedia Brazil. The blurb has everything to do with the game resident evil 6 and the history of Umbrella. # sharing.

Very good synopsis I saw it on wikipedia Brazil. The blurb has everything to do with the game resident evil 6 and the history of Umbrella. # sharing.

Even if it is super bad.... It is almost a must for me to buy!
I have the rest of them and even though they have gotten a hell of a lot worse as time has gone on, it is a must!

Awesome films! Very sad it's coming to an end in 2015.

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