Work begins on RED 3

News Simon Brew
20 May 2013 - 06:48

The writers of RED and RED 2 are at work on RED 3, even before the second film has been released...

The current Hollywood tactic of starting work on the next film in a franchise before the one that's being made is even released is ongoing. The upside to this is pretty obvious, in that it allows a sharper, faster turnaround between films, thus cutting down the time between them. The downside? Should the current movie bomb, a studio will have spent money on a sequel script for nothing (hello Green Lantern 2!).

With RED 2 arriving in cinemas this summer though, Summit Entertainment must be cautiously optimistic that is has another hit on its hand. The first film made a solid profit off a box office take just shy of $199m, and Summit will surely be looking for the Dean Parisot-directed sequel to do that sort of business.

If it does, then expect RED 3 to move into production as early as January 2014. That's according to The Hollywood Reporter, who has revealed that Jon and Erich Hoeber, who penned the first two films, have already been hired to write a third.

More news on RED 2 and RED 3 as we hear it...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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