Full trailer for Red Dawn officially lands

Trailer Simon Brew 13 Aug 2012 - 06:35
Red Dawn

We've had the teaser. We've had the poster. Now, the full trailer for the Red Dawn remake, with Chris Hemsworth, has landed...

It's clearly been decided that the wraps are now allowed off the new take on Red Dawn. In the past week or two we've had a teaser trailer for the film, as well as the maiden poster. But it's been building towards this, the first full length promo trailer.

Josh Hutcherson and Chris Hemsworth lead the film, and both are bigger stars than they were when the movie was shot back in 2009. And then there's another difference from the movie that was shot three years ago, namely that MGM decided to alter the villains in post-production from the Chinese to North Koreans. It sounds a bit of a choppy project, all considered, but this trailer doesn't do a bad job of selling it.

Here, then, is that promo. And Red Dawn lands in the US this November...

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That trailer makes me want to run out and take down a mammoth.

Looks pretty crap. FREEDOM.....HOME.....etc.....Meh.

"Avenge me, boys! Avenge me!" - The 1984 Red Dawn


I will go and see it because I do like Chris Hemsworth but it doesn't look that interesting.

A COMMUNIST mammoth.

It's all very cool and I've emitted a little bit of semen and all that kind of jazz but it would have been nice to hear a cry of "WOLVERRRIIINNEESSSSS!!!" in the trailer

I knew nothing about Red Dawn before the trailer, and whilst it looked interesting for the first half, its soon deteriorated into guns, explosions and cliché patriotism that makes me care nothing for the characters.

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