First trailer for RED 2

Trailer Simon Brew 18 Jan 2013 - 07:10

Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins and more star in RED 2. And here’s the first trailer…

The first RED movie was something of an odd beast, starting off as a really fun movie, before running out of steam a long, long way before the end. Our hopes are higher for the sequel though, especially given that Galaxy Quest helmer Dean Parisot has been hired to direct it.

The key cast have all been brought back, and this first trailer for the movie is keen to get us back in line with the idea of Helen Mirren firing a big gun. Plus, we get to see Bruce Willis doing a bit of shopping too.

The film’s due out in August, and here’s the first trailer, with the first poster underneath it…

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Old people shooting things? Get in!

This looks even funnier than the 1st.

I loved the first film. Fantastic concept and a great and hilarious action movie to boot. This looks like it's building on that. Happy days!


With a script. (i hope)

I can't wait!!! Saw the first one in theaters and then got the movie for my birthday when it came out!!! The addition of Anthony Hopkins is just pure genius.

I didn't even realise this was in production. I heard rumours about a year ago and thought nothing more of it. But still, fantastic news! Hopefully they'll explain who shot Morgan Freeman in the first one

I had no idea they were making a new one.

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