New trailer arrives for REC 4: Apocalypse

Trailer Ryan Lambie 25 Apr 2014 - 07:47

One of Spain's best-known horror franchises takes to the ocean waves in REC 4: Apocalypse. Here's the latest trailer...

The first two REC films were highly effective exercises in found-footage horror. Although shot two years apart, they followed directly on from one another, providing a single account of a Barcelona apartment building beset by a bizarre disease. REC 3: Genesis, meanwhile, took place at a wedding, quickly dropped the shaky-cam format, and added an unexpected comedic edge.

The forthcoming REC 4: Apocalypse is still shot like a conventional horror movie, but the jokier atmosphere of the previous REC appears to be absent. Its plot circles back to the first film, too, with that entry's central character, Angela Vidal (Manuela Valesco), emerging on an oil tanker somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Unsurprisingly, there's something grim on board with Angela and the rest of the crew.

REC 4: Apocalypse is out on the 31st October in its native Spain, while its release in the UK and US has yet to be announced. When we have some further news, we'll pass it along. In the meantime, here's that shadowy trailer - and as a Brucey bonus, you can also find the first REC 4 poster tucked away beneath it.

Isn't that a Black & Decker Trim N Edge Strimmer the heroine's holding? Judging from the combative look on her face, she isn't in the mood for tidying up our herbaceous borders.

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This makes me happy. Very happy. Rec is one of my favourite films. I even really liked Rec 3, even though I thought it was a little too drastic a departure in both style and tone. This trailer looks like a middle ground between Rec 2 and 3.

Well, looks better than the third one. Although that's not difficult.

Yeah, seriously, what the hell were they thinking with that one? It wasn't the worst film in the world, but it definitely wasn't a REC film.

Agreed. For a film called REC 3: Genesis, it should have been so much better. When it was first announced, I thought it was gonna be an origin story about the possessed girl in the attic... not some random chick's wedding.

Manuela Valesco looks to die for in that poster, blood and all, oofftt!!
I think I may go see it on the back of that poster alone, ha.

Have a lot of heart for the first two REC films, not seen the third one though but by the looks of the comments I should stay away from it.

I really liked the first two Rec films :) I think I'll re-watch them before 4 comes out. But not Genesis. Nope sir :P

Ah finally another Resident Evil Film!

Looks like a standard zombie drama, completely minus the impact of the first two, and with a Resident Evil wannabe poster. Have they given up on recapturing that magic?

What got me about Genesis was that in the first two, although the first had it's moments of being obvious (the guy with his head close to the glass) it gave me the impression of being so real and random that no character was safe (ahem, yeah, well...)
Genesis has this uber-chick with attitude becoming a comic character in a comedy setting. It was as bad an experience as watching Halloween III, Season of the Witch for the first time after seeing I and II.

looks absolutely terrible. love the 1st 2

Resident Evil are action films. This is an actual horror film.

I haven't seen those other films you mention - I guess I'll avoid them then :P I feel the same way as bort118's comment. Genesis wasn't the worst film I've ever seen, but it shouldn't have been marketed as Rec. If I'd watched it as a film that was completely unrelated to Rec, I might have even enjoyed the comedic nature. Instead I was double-checking I'd rented the right film! :P

lol I did the same thing!

An alteration to the origin does not a genre change. It's a zombie movie, a horror flick, and a lost-tape horror flick for half it's life at that. Possession, disease, genetic virus, magic, it really doesn't make much of a difference if the dramatic structure is all but identical. If such a trivial matter makes you 'laugh your ass off,' I suggest you get out more.

£50 for a GL5028SB 500W Reflex? Hmmm, does it come in black?

Please, don't be as disappointing as Genesis.

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