Zak Penn to rewrite Ready Player One screenplay

News Simon Brew
24 Jun 2014 - 06:52

Ernest Cline's Ready Player One takes another step closer to the big screen...

Even before the book was published, the movie rights to Ernest Cline's Ready Player One had been snapped up by Warner Bros and De Line Pictures. That was nearly five years ago, but there's finally some solid progress on bringing the book to the screen.

Zak Penn, whose screenwriting work to date includes The Incredible Hulk and X-Men: The Last Stand, has got the job of adapting Ready Player One. Well, more to the point, he's got the job of reshaping the earlier draft, that had been penned by Eric Eason and Cline himself. Penn's still got a challenge on his hands, given that it's comfortably one of the nerdiest novels we've ever had the pleasure of. For geeks of an 80s vintage, there's an awful lot to enjoy here, and hopefully, none of that will be diluted come the final draft.

In between the numerous geeky references, the book also has quite a bleak look at the future, not least the stacks that its hero lives in. It'll be interesting to see that view of the future realised on the big screen as well.

There's no further information on the movie thus far, short of the fact that Donald De Line and Dan Farah remain attached as producers. Do consider picking a copy of the book up, though.

The Wrap.

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