UPDATE: How you can dissuade Uwe Boll from retiring

News Simon Brew
12 Jan 2016 - 07:13
Uwe Boll

Uwe Boll may yet reverse his decision to retirement from filmmaking - but only if you support his new film, Rampage 3.


Just a quick update on this. We've been contacted by Gary Otto, the associate producer of Uwe Boll's Rampage 3, and the writer of the in-development project, 12 Hours.

He's pointed out a correction to us, which we're happy to make.

He told us that "Boll's retirement really depends on fans showing their support by buying or not buying Rampage 3. If Rampage 3 can actually make a profit, the film I wrote 12 Hours would be made and Uwe might not retire. If it does not break a profit it is indeed the end. None of the films have made a profit in a long time so he is predicting the end, realistically, but if people actually buy upon its initial release, brand new and not used, then there is a chance we could potentially keep going".

Thus, if you want to support Uwe Boll, and help him make 12 Hours, Otto urges "everyone to buy the Rampage 3 DVD, Blu-ray, or digital on iTunes or Xbox Video, Amazon Video etc. directly upon release, brand new and not used", and to avoid pirated copies.

"We have worked so hard, piracy could make it the end but it is not too late", he said.

"12 Hours would continue the cynical, dark storytelling Uwe Boll is known for, a film that is better than The Transporter or Taken series that like Rampage 3, has a hard political current within it's blood-drenched story", Otto told us.

We're happy to pass the information on.

Here's our original story from yesterday

Warning: this story contains fruity language.

It was last June that infamous movie director Uwe Boll released a burn-your-bridges video into the world, after his crowdfunding attempt to make the film Rampage 3 didn't quite work out.

He posted, you may recall, a video entitled "fuck you all", which you can still see here.

Boll has scrabbled together the funds to finally make Rampage 3, but he's also gone one stage further, and announced that the film will mark his retirement as director.

In a press release issued by the filmmaker, he announced that he's finally got Rampage 3: No Mercy into production, and that the film is shooting in British Columbia and Washington. It will be "the thrilling conclusion of the trilogy", we're promised.

Once he's done with Rampage 3, Boll will continue to run his production and distribution company Event Film, and will also be running his Vancouver-based restaurant, Bauhaus. The restaurant, according to the press release, is "at the cutting edge of fine dining".

Rampage 3 will presumably be released at some point later this year.

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