Stallone to make Rambo 5

News Simon Brew 23 Jun 2014 - 14:00

It looks like Rambo 5 is finally happening, with Sylvester Stallone writing and starring...

There has been no shortages of rumours over the past few years that Syvlester Stallone was considering a fifth and final Rambo film (including an alien plot being mooted at one point). And finally, it looks like it's going to happen.

Splendid Film have picked up the rights to a new Rambo film, and Sylvester Stallone will be reprising the title role, as well as penning the script. According to the statement from Splendid Film, Stallone "describes the new Rambo as his version of No Country For Old Men".

Avi Lerner is producing.

Meanwhile, Film Divider has added some more information on where Syvlester Stallone will be taking The Expendables. The site reports that he's involved in two spin-offs. There's the one we know of - The Expendabelles - and there's also a 'next generation' Expendables in the planning stages. Stallone's character, Barney Ross, will make a small appearance in both.

There's no release date yet for Rambo 5. We'll keep you posted...

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I look forward to the scene where Compo pushes Rambo down a hill in a bath

Rambo 5: R.E.D

Rambo 5 - Son of Rambo... starring Sylvester Stallone and Michael Cera.

the ending of 4 was fine...

I just hope that he manages to lose his pesky neck by then. It's really a shame how it distracts from his pecs and jawline.

Aliens lol same mistake as Indiana Jones

wow. arthritis be damned.

I'd like them to go down the Alien vs Predator route and have Rambo vs John Matrix. They'll have a big macho fight but some villain interferes and then they've got to take him down. The movie ends with them showing a muted respect for each other. It pretty much writes its self.

If it is as good as the last one I'll put money down to see it.


"The Expendable"

Yes! Yes! YESSSS!

Must be going with the mooted storyline in Mexico that sly talked about as a possible 4th film. Il go see it of course

Agree 1000%

Still plenty of steroids in the world!

I hope he goes with the original intended storyline of a Mexican girl abducted by sex traffickers.

Aliens would have worked. A crappy script and an over reliance on CGI on the otherhand.........

Will there be a chase scene with Rambo in his mobility scooter chasing some thug in a hoodie? Because that at least is more realistic.

I hope they ditch the alien idea. It just won't work. Rambo is a hard done by fighter against forces of oppression in the real world. The sci fi angle would utterly ruin it. BTW the most recent Rambo movie was simply brilliant!

Bazooka attached to the shopping basket thingy?

I'd like them to build on the idea of Rambo deciding to get involved help others (other than Trautman), rather than being an isolated loner, that the last one started to develop. I'm not expecting him to become the best neighbour in the world ever, but I would like to see him have to defend others against a threat.
And "Expendabelles"? Oh, Lordy ........

you'd be able to take on Sly these days would you? dude might be pushing the age but I bet he can still bitch slap most punks out there

Uh.....Sure why not?

Sure, so could you probably. He's only an actor.

Presumably this'll be followed by another 'final' Rocky film, then another Expendables film, then another 'final' Rambo, and so the merry dance will go on...

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