Sylvester Stallone still planning Rambo 5

News Simon Brew 19 Nov 2012 - 06:12
Rambo - released on Bluray 23rd June.

If his body holds up, Sylvester Stallone seems still keen to make Rambo 5...

Just mopping up a story we missed last week, here, concerning the state of the on-off Rambo 5. In the past, Sylvester Stallone said that he was keen to make a fifth Rambo movie (a script involving aliens was mooted at one point), before seemingly going off the idea. But of late, Stallone has appeared a lot more positive towards the project.

As reported by AFP, Stallone was in Rome on promotional duties for his next movie, Walter Hill's Bullet To The Head. And when asked about the status of Rambo 5, he said that "The Rambo thing, that's why I don't retire. I just see a guy unable to go home. He needs war and I see him dying there".

Which seems to pave the way for a new film. "If my damn body holds up, it'll be really good", said Stallone. "Otherwise it won't be Rambo fighting, it'll be Rambo fighting arthritis".

Stallone's got The Expendables 3 on the cards, and in 2013, he's reteamed with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the already-shot The Tomb. As we hear more on Rambo 5, we'll let you know...


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Harrison Ford only agrees to play in the new S.W. movie if they kill-off Han Solo, Sly wants to kill-off Rambo, WTF is happening to my childhood heroes ?

Plot for Rambo 5: Evil Chinese developers threaten to bulldose a Hanoi community center, which is a favorite gathering place for NVA retirees, to make way for a new golf course resort for European holiday goers. One of the NVA guys remembers taking on Rambo back in 1985. He figures that if anyone can stop the Chinese, then it's Rambo. And it turns out that Rambo respects his former enemies to much to let them suffer such indignities at the hands of the Chinese developers.

I think the next Rambo should just be Rambo versus the world. That way they can top the body count from the last film.

I love the idea of Rambo fighting an alien. Maybe set it in the jungle...he has a team of bad ass, special forces in toe. One should be an native american. Another should be Carl Weathers. It can't fail.

I have no doubt Stallone can do another Rambo film even if it takes another 10 years. Clint Eastwood is 80 and still kicking along. Speaking of Clint Eastwood, I'd love to see him in the Expendables 3!

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