A new trailer for Nicolas Cage thriller, Rage

Trailer Ryan Lambie 9 May 2014 - 07:07

Nicolas Cage gets in a rage in his latest action thriller - which is called, er, Rage. Here's the latest trailer...

Why is Nicolas Cage in a rage? Because someone's kidnapped his daughter, that's why. And in order to get her back, Cage has to return to some old dodgy friends to help. "How deep do you want to go?" one of them asks. "How deep is hell?" Cage replies, enigmatically.

Okay, so Rage doesn't have the most original premise we've heard - comparisons to Nic Cage's 2012 thriller, Stolen, aren't without foundation - but it's got a decent supporting cast, including Danny Glover and the great Peter Stormaire. Plus the chance to see a bit of Cage rage? It might just be worth a watch.

Rage doesn't have a UK release date yet - it's out in the US in June - but when we get one, we'll pass it along.

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"Rage rhymes with Cage, I'll do it!" That is how I imagined the contract negotiations going for this one...

There will be shouting!

Go and youtube 'Nicolas Cage Losing His S***' (I can't post the actually naughty word to search, these comments won't let me).

Trust me, it will be the best 4 minutes of your day.

Danny Glover looks too old for this S***

Still, I may watch it just for his performance.

If it's fun dumb and not boring dumb, I'm there

Looks s**t. Exactkly what a Cage film should be. Count me in.

NAGE CAGE RAGE. It looks utter balls, but it'll probably be entertainingly bad, and hopefully have an epic Nage freakout.

Actually thought that trailer was really effective, count me in.

I've seen it under the title Tokarev. It's a pretty gritty film. Cage gives a fiery performance, as do many of the the supporting actors. The tale is an ultimately bittersweet one.

Despite all my rage...


Love it. Nic is the master of corny b-movies

Awww man, spoiler alert! :-(


Every time I see 'Academy Award Winner Nicholas Cage' I have to stop and ponder that for a moment.... even though it was deserving, is it best to bring it up?

For this kind of film? I'm pretty sure gravitas is the last thing that'll help.

Damn, and he was one day from retirement...

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