The current state of Prometheus 2

News Simon Brew 27 Feb 2013 - 06:52

Noomi Rapace has been chatting to Sir Ridley Scott about the next Prometheus movie...

Whilst it cost a fair amount to make, and appreciating that there was a sizeable marketing bill as well, Ridley Scott's prequel to an Alien prequel, Prometheus, did sizeable business. Earning over $400m at the worldwide box office, and seizing another chunk of change from its home releases, it was revealed pretty soon after the film's release that a follow-up to Prometheus was already on the cards.

But what's the current state of Prometheus 2? Well, Noomi Rapace has given an interview to The Playlist, where she offers a brief update on the project. "They're working on the script", she confirmed. "I met Ridley in London a couple of weeks ago. I would love to work with him again and I know that he would like to do another one. It's just that we need to find the right story. I hope we will".

The planned Prometheus 2, in theory, is the film that glues the Prometheus movies to the Alien franchise. Prometheus 2 is potentially going to be the film that takes place immediately before Alien in the series.

Noomi Rapace wouldn't reveal who the writer who was working on the project was (although we know it's not Damon Lindelof, as has been revealed before). Once we know more, we'll let you know...

The Playlist.

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Can't wait.

So in other words Prometheus 2 will be what Prometheus 1 should have been.

Hopefully only a scooter crash for number 2, instead of the car crash number 1 was.

Er..Sorry.That meant to read: Can wait.

I suppose the only way is up :) I think we will see a better more streamlined film next time. By the way..... any chance of finding out where DREDD is up to after its DVD release?

Uhh no? It will be the next chapter and take it in a new direction.

New feel, everything. It will be a different setup entierly

The only car crash was your brain


Only in your mind. It was never supposed to be a direct Alien prequel.

I think Prometheus will one day end up like Blade Runner. Was not seen as anything special in its time, but gained a cult status in the yrs that followed.

Quite looking forward to this. Prometheus was such an odd film. I've never hated and loved a film in equal measures before. For every bad element in the film there was a brilliant element to balance it out. I've watched it several times and my feelings toward it are like a roller coaster changing from 'Wow, that's amazing' to *facepalm*

Thank you!

If it was meant to be a direct prequel, it would have been about Ripley and her job on a massive space ship dust bin. Hence... a lame film.

Prometheus is effectively a spin off story.

Troll moron.

Think you are posting on the wrong site Jelly.But thanks for you illuminating comment.


can't wait

Yes and no....It started out as a direct Alien prequel, then part way through they changed their minds. So much messing on with scripts, and different ideas it got so confused with what it was doing, it shows in the film.
I can live with that though, its what I have come to expect from films these days. The biggest let down for me, in all of it, was the Engineers. In Alien you just see a snokel nosed creature that looks so unbeliebably freaky and Alien and creepy in that chair.
But in Prometheus, you see that its nothing more than a suit with a big bald biped bloke in it. Its ruined the mystery and creepyness of the whole setup. Sometimes less is more, and It would have been so much better if the Engineers had been so mind bendingly Alien in looks and the snorkel suit was really flesh and part of them they would be more ALIEN than the Alien from the first film....but no. Thats what annoyed me about the film more than any part of it.

I recognise Jelly's username.He was one the hateful trolls that said those disgusting remarks about Shailene Woodley as Mary Jane yesterday.No place for people like you on this site boy.

i want prometheus 2 action figure toys and vehicles toys for 2014

I heard it was going to be called Paradise.

Yes make no. 2 the story must be told .1 was great and it told part of our true story . We need more.

In your dreams.Blade Runner was loved by geeks on its release.Just wasnt a commercial success.AVP:Requiem has a better chance of gaining Blade Runner cult status than the mess that was Prometheus.LOL.

Great sarcasm.You almost had me.

That's a bit strong isn't it son.What's up; had a sense of humour failure?

I predict a trilogy personally.

Fool me once shame on you....fool me twice shame on me

You think wrong. Prometheus was a horrible, inept mess of a movie with NO redeeming features. It is loathed by any rightminded film fan!

Sorry Den but your comments section has become like every other site: Full of morons making nasty comments.Used to be somewhere where you could express your views.Not get abused.Will still read your articles but will stay away from your comments section.

Was it also never supposed to be a competently made film either?

You are entitled to your opinion, of course. It just so happens that I disagree. I enjoyed it, and am looking forward to the next.

I want the Prometheus-licensed version of the Big Trak, thanks very much!

Well, I look forward to the short promo films that'll be released in the run up, those were great fun.

it would be good if there was a way to switch off comments sections. it makes me disappointed in humans

it's weird because I thought Blade runner as boring a dog turd.

God how I wish Noomi Rapace had been facehugged by the big fella at the end of Prometheus. Her stupidity, smugness and lack of basic common sense -- summed up in the sentence, 'No weapons, this is a scientific expedition' -- put everyone in danger. If Ridley must have his "strong woman" character, at least give her some intelligence and street smarts, so that it's actually believable when she manages to evade death by zenomorph while the more physically and mentally able are dropping like flies.

Yeah I thought the Powers that Be at Fox said that it was going to be a trilogy sometime last year...

I totally agree with Jason Cook. Prometheus was pretentious rubbish which Michael Winner (R.I.P.) could have done better and made more entertaining and probably made it more intellectual as well.

Were you on drugs when you posted that comment?

We NEED that option.

Oh - please. It is only in action movies and tv series made for a teenage-minded audience that "grown up" adds up to "totes a gun, kills people and is hot as well". Juvenile films for juvenile people. Or NRA members.

Blade Runner, in all its forms IS as boring a dog turd.

Bush said it better

That's where you're wrong. Critics panned it as slow and boring and geeks loved the CGI and special effects. We had not seen this sort of film before so it was new to people. That whole neon city landscape.

And over time, it has gained a cult status, and rightly so. It asked questions and left them (until now) un-answered and up to the audience interpretation. Like Prometheus will no doubt.

Why are people down voting this, it's true!

It might be alright. Most of the films 'characters' were killed off.

No one cares about your politics. It was a comment about a character who inhabits the Alien universe.

I enjoyed prom. I tried to get alien out of my head so that I had a fresh take on it, you can tell Ridley wanted his own story but fox wanted a direct prequel, Ridley should of used his badman gangsta talk with fox tho,rather than compromise. overall an enjoyable film. Prom2 should expand on what he's started and leave us with the bridge to the alien franchise


Or just revoke lindelofs (and probably ridley's) licenses and avoid another heartbreaking catastrophe entirely

prometheus was indeed an assault on brains

And just like the drunk in a car crash,
it was only the brainless who would walk away unscathed and entertained

bush would have written a better script then lindelof

"It was never supposed to be a direct Alien prequel."

And it was never supposed to be a good movie?

Maybe next time instead of gooey it will have peanuts in it.

12 year old.

Except reversed.

Everybody with a brain loved BR when it came out,
it was foolish children who didn't get it.

But everybody with a brain hates prometheus,
and its foolish children who love it.

"and geeks loved the CGI"

12 year old alert.

"Were you on drugs when you posted that comment?"

Just drunk on ignorance.

You or I would have to get high to get that dumb,
he lives it.

Not enough shaky cam or explosions I'm sure.


Alien prequel or not,
it was just a bad movie.

Removing every reference to Alien wouldn't have fixed all the problems with it.

Although removing everything they ripped off from Alien would have made how little original material they added comically apparent.

Paradise indeed.

If you always pictured paradise as a badly scripted mess.

WOW, 19 days to come up with that, YOU SO CLEVER! Me much 'um love dem shaky cam blow upy things. duh

i knew it

I know this, I will not be going to the movies to watch it I will wait for it to come out on dvd so's not to waste good money on a crap story & characters like I did last time.

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