Ridley Scott on Prometheus 2

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12 Oct 2012 - 07:00

What direction is Ridley Scott looking take the Prometheus sequel? Be warned: there are spoilers for Prometheus here...

Warning: big spoilers for Prometheus lie within

With Prometheus now safely out on DVD and Blu-ray, and inciting all manner of arguments once more, director Ridley Scott has done one or two promotional interviews to support the releae.

One of those was with the Metro, and it briefly asked him as to the direction of the planned Prometheus sequel.

Prometheus evolved into a whole other universe”, Scott said. "You’ve got a person with a head in a bag that functions and has an IQ of 350. It can explain to her how to put the head back on the body and she’s gonna think about that long and hard because, once the head is back on his body, he’s dangerous”.

So that’s the sequel, Metro asked? "I wish it was that easy”, Scott replied. “They’re going off to paradise but it could be the most savage, horrible place. Who are the Engineers?"

Who are the Engineers indeed. Scott is currently working on his film of Cormac McCarthy’s The Counselor, starring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender. Whether Prometheus 2 or the mooted Blade Runner follow-up turns out to be his next film remains to be seen…


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