Ridley Scott on Prometheus 2

News Simon Brew 12 Oct 2012 - 07:00

What direction is Ridley Scott looking take the Prometheus sequel? Be warned: there are spoilers for Prometheus here...

Warning: big spoilers for Prometheus lie within

With Prometheus now safely out on DVD and Blu-ray, and inciting all manner of arguments once more, director Ridley Scott has done one or two promotional interviews to support the releae.

One of those was with the Metro, and it briefly asked him as to the direction of the planned Prometheus sequel.

Prometheus evolved into a whole other universe”, Scott said. "You’ve got a person with a head in a bag that functions and has an IQ of 350. It can explain to her how to put the head back on the body and she’s gonna think about that long and hard because, once the head is back on his body, he’s dangerous”.

So that’s the sequel, Metro asked? "I wish it was that easy”, Scott replied. “They’re going off to paradise but it could be the most savage, horrible place. Who are the Engineers?"

Who are the Engineers indeed. Scott is currently working on his film of Cormac McCarthy’s The Counselor, starring Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender. Whether Prometheus 2 or the mooted Blade Runner follow-up turns out to be his next film remains to be seen…


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Please,Sir Ridley; can you leave Blade Runner alone.Please.

Second that request of Rhodes. Please. Also while talking could maybe not hire a hack to write Prometheus 2.

Reading between the lines of Sir Ridley's comments, then: Prometheus 2 will be 'Bring Me the Head of David 8'.

Ridley also said in this interview that the rumours about a Blade Runner follow up are, "Not rumours, it is going ahead"

you could start again and try and tell a believable, coherent story rather.

Prometheus 2: Electric Bugaloo IN SPACE!!!

as long as Lindenorf or whatever his name is, is NOT involved in the script or any part of the film.. it might, just might make sense!

The Blade Runner follow up could actually use some of the more key concepts from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? A film looking more at Mercerism and Buster Friendly could be interesting. I always found that to be one of the more interesting aspects of the novel.

scott has no love for sci-fi, Aliens and Blade Runner were flukes, his return to the Alien universe proved that, a great eye, but no understanding of the story

please please could you make the alians more original like in eg alians

Typo - releae.

I just watched the DVD of Prometheus on Saturday night. Sunday morning it's in the garbage! What a complete and utter waste of good money! OK, this is just my own opinion, but the movie stinks. It is a self-indulgent, pretentious, unconvincing, lacklustre casually put-together "lets-make-a-quick-buck-on-the-back-of-a-reputation" insult to the audience, and looks like a series of screenplay and concept re-writes joined together with tape. It is an insult to the original Alien movie. In fact, it is even an insult to "Alien v Predator" which was a vastly superior film. If Prometheus had been an episode of Doctor Who, it would have been one of the (few) bad ones. Investment in some mediocre CGI and big sets cannot disguise a poor plot, unconvincing storyline, largely featureless acting and lacklustre directing. Surely it says something bad about a movie when the best character and acting in a big cast was the robot? The entertainment value was nil, the script so poor that I stopped caring what happened to any of the characters and started praying they would all die soon to escape the boredom. And we're expected to believe a woman can have a caesarian and immediately afterwards run hundreds of yards and leap chasms? Who are they trying to kid? In my view, Prometheus is an insult to the public and especially to Alien and Ridley Scott fans, and I would like a refund of my DVD cash. Overall, a bitter disappointment.

Prometheus was such a terrible film, but if it means he'll leave Blade Runner alone, then I hope he makes Prometheus 2.

Wow. Am i the only person who enjoyed this movie? Is everybody really that disapointed? I like the movie alot. The cgi was mediocre? Are you crazy. All cgi and set peices were beautiful and captivating. What did you expect the movie to be? If you didnt care for the story fine. I know plenty of people that didnt get it.but dont let your own personal hangups ruin this for other people.(spoilers ahead) the one complaint ive heard is the alien didt look exactly like a xenomorph. But considering that the main device of the movie is evolution. I pretty sure the look of a creature would change over a couple hundred thousand years. Also xenomorphs take on physical characteristics of whatever creature the facehugger latches on to to better survival chances. Well any how i hope the second one does get canceled and hey since most everybody hates it i wont have to worry about getting a good seat.

I would have liked to have seen Janek in the sequel. He was a great character. Unfortunately, everyone except the annoying woman and a head were killed off!

You are absolutely correct - you are the only person who enjoyed this movie.

You are not alone. I enjoyed it too!

I love this film, but I do have trouble explaining why. It's rare that a movie can overcome a bad script, but that's what's happened for me here. The concepts are so interesting that the script (that I'll admit was crappy at points - Thanks Lindelof!) couldn't sink it for me.

It's a sincere R-rated sci-fi horror film, and it's been a LONG time since we've had one of those. They usually go the way of Del Toro's "Mountains of Madness".

This film isn't for everyone, but there ARE people it's for, and I count myself among them. (But yeah, some of the script is just beyond stupid.)

Nah I liked it. OHHHHHH

It wasn't a clever film and it certainly had many plot holes, but it was relatively interesting and the plot development was pretty good. It was also beautifully made. Not the best film of the year, not that memorable, but i can't help but feel that it's only getting this much hate because of the huge hype.

the only problem i had was with the script/plot and that was mainly the entire second half. everything else was very well done from the visuals to some good acting. now, don't get my wrong the script is a big part and left me feeling let down after watching the film. i think they should have focused on the android and his relationships & his interest with intervening. he should have been made the main antagonist and scott should have left the engineers, guy pearce's role, and the alien creation to the far background almost like just give us clues of them and leave most for the imagination. instead of leaving those parts to our imagination he did the opposite and threw them in our faces.

Would have enjoyed the movie if it did not seem so chopped up. The android doping the alcohol and then the other lead member of the expedition justed begged to be burned to death? The two crew members just left in an alien structure overnight with no one concerned enough to keep in contact with them? (Of which, they decide to spend the night in the scary room with all the cannisters and the statue of the big scary face.) By the way, why is it that an expedition that cost a trillion, they always send along the mercenary character that does NOT want to be there? Charlize Theron's character seemed totally unimportant to the film and in the end is simply squashed like a bug? Just seems after 20 years, Scott would have matured in his work somewhat? Trully hope that for one, an extended version with more storyline will come to make up for the lack of it in this one. Second, that in the sequel Scott actually reads some of his fans comments so he can improve what was so obviously wrong with this movie. Hope he does because my interest was grabbed by elements of this movie.

Prometheus was awesome.

As they say in Ridley's hometown.....SHITE!

2014 for when the next prometheus is coming out!

Blade Runner needs a remake from 1982 I was a kid when it came out, I wasn't allowed to watch this until I turned 16! But I think it is time for a futuristic BladeRunner! If you make a remake please don't screw it up! Hollywood has been known to screw up classic's, and that has to stop!

It was cool,but nothing like the original Alien! Classic 1979! Aliens 1-2-3-4 they need to make another one I love the Alien movies!

Left the cinema vaguely dissatisfied and only came to realise how silly this film really was once the gorgeous spectacle was switched off. Watched the DVD twice now and it's grown on me a bit, the initial hurt of the insult having faded a bit, but this is still the overhyped work of a high-powered hack, not a cinematic visionary. Scott's reputation (which he probably cultivates assiduously) rests on two imaginative works that were in development long before he came aboard, and which already had real ballast in the ideas department, not relying on slick visuals alone and the temperament of a big businessman with a film-camera accustomed to getting his way.

There is deeper thought in this film. If you you know, in the original alien is an instinctual creature of survival. Shaw was also. What came out of her had those traits. The "engineers" we're smart and brutal. Put those together at the end. When the alien came out, it had both traits from Shaw and the engineer or Space Jockey.
So although the story line was just ok, I enjoyed it

I also bought the dvd, and not having seen the movie on the big screen expected Ridley Scott to produce the goods. Well it didn't, despite watching it a second time in order to change my disappointment. There was nothing original about the storyline and there is a whiff of plagiarism if you compare it to the superior Aliens vs Predator. The unintentional laughing point where the archaeologist athletically leaps around after a gruesome cesarean just about killed my interest in the movie. And what's with the lame chest buster at the end of the movie? Overall a very sloppy effort from the director, script writers and most of the acting.

Far out. So many negatives about this film. I thought it was a good movie with some pretty sweet action thrown in and some great performances from Charlize and Michael and Noomi.

Well..."classic" doesn't always mean "better."

Alien and Aliens were better than Prometheus, but 3 and Resurrection were hardly better than any sci fi film. In fact, I'd rather watch SyFy channel than those two pieces of trash.

Um...seeing as how it's always been a story he's worked on, I'm sure he knows it better than you.

There's no reason for a face hugger to grow without something to consume. It stayed in a surgical room for days and somehow because the size of a giant squid. Nothing can grow without something to eat.

How are you sure a creature would change over time? We have no REAL transitional fossils. Dating methods don't work as they all exceed the life span of a carbon molecule, yet everything dated has had carbon in it. There's really no telling how long a species survives and adapts. The fossil record only lays out neatly in text books. Life can't come from non-living material; scientific law. DNA can't spring up accidentally from non-living particles as no coded material is autoencryptic.

The device of the movie was not evolution, but rather intelligent design. Something with a brain created life. These engineers just happened to be alien, and their bio-weapons turned on them mid quest leaving a tomb on a rock in space. Just as Dr. Shaw says in the movie, something must have created them. Since life can't come accidentally, it was always by design. Even "life in a lab" experiments, which have always been padded with a tongue-in-the-cheek, are no more than conditions were certain things that "could" produce life may be possible. On top of that...IT'S INTELLIGENT BEINGS IN A CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. Not proof of evolution, but suggest life can only come by design.

doesnt mean that we experiment on something we are the first. doesnt mean that what science tells you is the truth. we are in a multiverse inside a bubble. you may be surprise what you believe is not exactly the truth. ---"There's no reason for a face hugger to grow without something to
consume. It stayed in a surgical room for days and somehow because the
size of a giant squid. Nothing can grow without something to eat."---

m sorry but all you people hating on Prometheus must not be sci-fi fans at all!!
This movie was brilliant! The story was epic and it has so many layers and makes you think. I actually struggle to think of a better sci-fi story that i have seen since possibly the matrix. Its like Lost (Tv Series) all over again!! All you people who dont like complex story lines and need all mysteries spelled out for you!! Storys of substance come along sparingly and it annoys me that when they do eg. Lost & Prometheus everyone hates on them because they are to simple to appreciate it and instead try to focus on "negatives". Cant wait for the next epic installment of PROMETHEUS!!!!

First, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 (brilliant). Alien 4 (ehh, but Sigourney does some bad-a** scenes). A Sci-Fi Movie should get me thinking and imagining. Prometheus does. Just the last scene. The Alien popping out of the engineer. Dr. Shaw on a ship with Alien eggs. Did the new Alien pop out of the engineer before Dr. Shaw left for Paradise. Is David yet independent or is he still operating on a pre-programmed agenda.

All this from just the last scene. Some of it was cooky, and rightly so. For me, much of the brilliance of the Alien and Prometheus saga is the fill in I do after the movie. It energizes my imagination.

Go to the home planet, give them their eggs back. :)

Did anyone notice.
The so called engineers all look alike in my oppenion they all appear to be clones.
I suspect that they are from a religious cult.
They have organic technology some which they don't understand.
To sum everything up.
Their purpose is to try to bring back their long dead masters who created them. This is my take.

I love sci-fi and don't expect it spelled out. In my opinion Prometheus was a horrible movie in every way. It was not complex, it was plain silly. One of the worst movies I have ever seen actually. Make up whatever you want about it in your head. Glad you enjoyed it but don't tell me I don't understand just because I hated it.

I think 2 and 4 are the best. Aren't we all different.

"and she’s gonna think about that long and hard because, once the head is back on his body, he’s dangerous" - Considering how "long and hard" she thought about buggering off to find more Engineers (on her own this time, no less, a decision made just moments after the world came super close to being destroyed by just one of these things) I can't see her thinking that long and hard about anything at all. She's dumber than a bag of hammers.

I too thought it was very good. Having only just seen it my expectations had
lowered from what I had heard. And I can see flaws (such as the aforementioned
Caesarean scene and crushed Theron. But that comment was ruined by advocating
Alien V Predator which should never be done, ever!) but overall I enjoyed

You say leave it alone, but people might have said the same about alien and look what he did. An amazing film, Prometheus. He's a great director/producer. Him and James cameron should work on prometheus 2. James Camerons aliens was epic, a brilliant follow on to alien.

alien 1 and 2 were epic. 1 because it set the universe, and 2 because it fulled the universe ridley scott made. 3 was alright becasue it introduced animal infections. the face hugger breeds with a dog or bull depending on which version. Number 4 wasnt good at all.

Prometheus was the most underrated movie of the year. Overhype led to an unfair critical downfall. Many made it up to be Ridley Scott's next science fiction masterpiece, with mind-bending questions about human meaning and were, obviously, disappointed. I was expecting a good prequel to Alien and got a brilliant beginning to a centuries-spanning saga of mystery and terror. Can't wait for the sequel!

its a sci fi movie. Who cares how something can grow without food. Its a make believe movie. Just like when the villain gets shot and burnt and falls off a building but still creeps up on the hero one more time. Try focussing on the creativity of the concept rather than the minutiae

Go Ahead Ridley !!! include even blade runner , i want to be surprised

Do you go to the movies or buy the D.V.D. to pick it to pieces or to be transported in to a FANTASY future.Personally I thought it a thought out story and greatly entertaining which is all I pay my hard earned cash on.

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