James Cameron on Prometheus

News Simon Brew 13 Sep 2012 - 07:03

The man who brought the world Aliens, Mr James Cameron, has been chatting about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus…

Prometheus is heading to DVD and Blu-ray next month, and that’ll no doubt light a further touchpaper on the debates that have surrounded the film since it was released. Interestingly, Moviefone have caught up with James Cameron, primarily to talk about Titanic 3D arriving on disc, and they asked him his views on Ridley Scott’s return, of sorts, to the franchise they both have a vested interest in.

“I thought it was great”, Cameron said of Prometheus. “I thought it was Ridley returning to science fiction with gusto, with great tactical performance, beautiful photography, great native 3D. There might have been a few things that I would have done differently, but that’s not the point, you could say that about any movie.”

Clearly stating that he would never consider returning to the world of Alien himself now, Cameron did add that “Prometheus is a film I saw twice, and I thought about it ahead of time. The first time I would just enjoy it, go for the ride, not be too analytical and the second time I would allow myself to be a little more analytical about, you know, where the lights were and how they lit the shots with all the people in the helmets, how they probably had to do CG faceplates like we did on Avatar, things like that”.

James Cameron is currently working on at least two new Avatar movies. And you can read the full Moviefone piece here.

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If I didnt think Cameron was losing the plot, I certainly do now! I hope he is just being polite. Prometheus was complete (yes, beautiful) twaddle.

The main problem with Prometheus is that its just not logical. The more you think about it the less it makes sense. Its just a giant ill thoughtout mess.

And If you find yourself having to run from a giant interstella wheel, run sideways, for the love of god just run sideways.........

I know, you'd expect a plot revolving around a superior alien intelligence on another world to fit perfectly with our way of thinking.

Yeah but isn't he proud of Avatar? It's a long time since James Cameron's opinion meant anything to me. I'm going True Lies far back.

So true on both counts, nevertheless I enjoyed the experience. For two hours I was on a desolate alien planet.

No, but surely the human aspect should. Sprinting, jumping and fighting twenty minutes after a Cesarian with surgical staples still in? The captain informing the two stranded crew members there's an alien lifeform somewhere in the tunnels with them, shrugging his shoulders and going off to have some random sex with Charlize Theron? The anthropologist having a complete flip reversal of his character and getting drunk and whiny because he couldn't talk to the aliens he wasn't expecting to be there anyway? And these are just a few of the many many examples....... As for the superior alien intelligence? They wiped themselves out with an uncontrollable bio-weapon. And then drew maps so everybody could find it.

Ha ha, that's the lamest excuse for having a crappy script i have ever read... "Damn this stuff just doesn't make sense..." "Nah... is just you couldn't get it, its superior intelligence stuff!"

agreed! :)

The original post stated that the film was not logical, and did not make sense. A lot of the criticism of this film seems to have been from people who simply did not understanding the over-arching story, or grasp simple facts and plot points. The original post did not state whether they were in the camp described above, or whether it was the flawed character decisions that they found illogical. The film as a whole did make sense, despite certain unsatisfactory elements within.
Sprinting, jumping and fighting twenty minutes are a Cesarian with surgical staples in? No, I guess you don't see that very often. Then again, you don't see surgery done by a medical pod on an interstellar spacecraft that often, so just maybe the medical technology and drugs administered are a little more advanced than nowaways. Also, most women who've just had a Cesarian don't tend to have the same urgency as those encountering hostile aliens and an untrustworthy android on another planet. Also, she stumbles out of that chamber and along the corridor clutching her side in pain, and falls to her knees in the room where Weyland is waking up, which is not quite sprinting and fighting after 20 minutes.
I'd have gone to have "random sex" with Charlize Theron too.
The drunk anthropologist was rubbish. In fact his casting was rubbish. I'd never dispute that.
Did they not draw the maps before they wiped themselves out? That would seem more logical.
Does being a species of superior intelliegence and advanced technology preclude you wiping yourselves out? I'd say a quick glance at human history suggests that the most intelligent species on Earth has so far been the biggest threat to the planet and all life contained therein.

As I said above, much of the criticism of the film seemed to be about the Engineers and their motivations. Things like "why did they spark off human life and then plan to destroy it?". That's the sort of "superior intelligence stuff" that I can readily accept as thus-far unexplained, without crying that it doesn't make sense, and without writing off the whole film as crap just because there isn't a toe-curling bit of expostion spoon fed to us. Most especially because we know that sequels are planned. The poster claimed that it did not make sense to them, but did not say why. Perhaps you should stay away from this conversation because, as you say "...you couldn't get it, its superior intelligence stuff".

Naoomi Rapace ran to the side. The ship fell to the side. It only didn't kill her because of a lucky "pocket". It was neither a full circle, nor fully circular, it was only going to roll so far, and then fall to which side?

These were just a few examples off the top of my head, a few more are how they got to a system 40 light years away in 16 months. Why draw maps to a planet used as military installation? It wasn't there home world. How hardly any of the crew had any idea of what they signed up for or why they were there despite the mission costing several Trillion dollars. The captain waking from stasis and realizing its Christmas, immediately goes about decorating the tree, screw the briefing, the mission only cost several Trillion dollars. Or scanning the planet for the density of its atmosphere only seconds before hitting it etc etc etc. I could go on and on.

And i wasn't asking for clunky exposition, just better writing. I like a film that makes you think, this one was enjoyable enough, its just that this film failed to rise above your bog standard blockbuster...... it could and should of been so much more.

And that's fine with me! Leave the story telling to others who have interesting stories to tell. Leave the awesome technical achievements and realization to Cameron. He's brilliant, IMHO. But I agree, his storytelling isn't a match for his technical know-how.

They DIDN'T wipe themselves out with an uncontrollable bio-weapon and THEN draw maps so everybody could find it. Yes, the uncontrollable bio-weapon got out of control and all but wiped them out but surely the engineers themselves didn't draw the maps (the cave paintings etc I'm assuming people mean?), one of them sacrificed himself at the start which kickstarted life on earth and because his DNA was at the root of human life on earth 'race memory' from that creature was the cause of disparate civilisations that never interacted with each other producing similar drawings (star charts) of the 'way home' because they (we!) are all descended from that original creature. That seems quite logical to me!

Maybe he was the creator of the bio weapon and like mad scientists do tested it upon himself because it was the same black liquid that dissolved him that ultimately became the bio weapon on LV-234 wasn't it? Maybe the engineers were coming back to destroy humanity because they (we!) shouldn't have been created in the first place, we were a 'mistake' that had to be rectified. To creatures like that thousands of years might mean nothing at all so just coming back a few years later might not have been an option or they only just got round to it finally when it all kicked off on LV-234. I dunno! that's what I was taking from it. It could have done with more expo in the script but then you don't want everything spoonfed either, its a fine balance that Lindelof never seems to get right OR maybe they were coming back to earth packing all that bio weapon black goo to infect the whole of earth's population to turn them into weapon's to use on behalf of the engineers. Maybe that was the long game...create humanity as breeding stock almost for their bio weapon program. Maybe that will get explained in 'Paradise', if it happens.

And after reading the criticism of the last 20 mins and Shaw post cesarian I was expecting superhero antics but to be fair watching it myself, she's in constant pain, constantly keeling over and in agony so it didn't bother me THAT much. Ideally a passage of time between it happening would have been good but it didn't bother me that much because she didn't just forget about it and 'kick ass', as someone's said, its a med lab proceedure with heavy duty drugs on a spaceship in the far future AND her fight or flight kicks in so who knows! ;-)

That's fair enough. That last post of mine was really just prodding back at "Bob".

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