James Cameron on Prometheus

News Simon Brew
13 Sep 2012 - 07:03

The man who brought the world Aliens, Mr James Cameron, has been chatting about Ridley Scott’s Prometheus…

Prometheus is heading to DVD and Blu-ray next month, and that’ll no doubt light a further touchpaper on the debates that have surrounded the film since it was released. Interestingly, Moviefone have caught up with James Cameron, primarily to talk about Titanic 3D arriving on disc, and they asked him his views on Ridley Scott’s return, of sorts, to the franchise they both have a vested interest in.

“I thought it was great”, Cameron said of Prometheus. “I thought it was Ridley returning to science fiction with gusto, with great tactical performance, beautiful photography, great native 3D. There might have been a few things that I would have done differently, but that’s not the point, you could say that about any movie.”

Clearly stating that he would never consider returning to the world of Alien himself now, Cameron did add that “Prometheus is a film I saw twice, and I thought about it ahead of time. The first time I would just enjoy it, go for the ride, not be too analytical and the second time I would allow myself to be a little more analytical about, you know, where the lights were and how they lit the shots with all the people in the helmets, how they probably had to do CG faceplates like we did on Avatar, things like that”.

James Cameron is currently working on at least two new Avatar movies. And you can read the full Moviefone piece here.

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