Prometheus DVD and Blu-ray release date revealed?

News Simon Brew 5 Jul 2012 - 12:46

Let the Prometheus debates fire up again, as it looks like the disc release is scheduled for October...

Now here's a Blu-ray we're keen to get our hands on. Like many of you, we had a bunch of questions left behind when we came out of seeing Prometheus, and a solid month of chuntering about them on the Internet hasn't resolved them all. All eyes, then, turn to the DVD and Blu-ray release, where we've been told we should be getting around 20+ minutes of deleted scenes, possibly edited into a longer cut of the film. One that might just make a little more sense.

Whether the extra material will be featured on this year's release, or saved for a special edition down the line, hasn't been confirmed to our knowledge yet. But we do now seem to have a release date. Tesco Entertainment has listed the release of Prometheus on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK for Monday 15th October (here). We'd imagine, but don't hold us to it, that the US release will be a day later.

This hasn't been officially confirmed yet, but we suspect the official announcement isn't far away...

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I'm going to go to my barber and ask for an extended cut. I'm also going to ask him to kill me so I can't post comments like this.

Just tell me one thing, Burke. You're going out there to destroy those DVDs, right? Not to study. Not to bring back. But to wipe them out.

I have read so many reviews telling me this is awful but I still want to see it, just trying to decide whether to pay for in in cinema/dvd or wait till someone else has it (unlikely) or wait for it to premier on tv. I have noted that a lot was cut out (so the internet says) wonder if there is a directors cut on dvd???

That's the plan. You have my word...

It'll take more thanAn extra 20 minutes to sort that mess out!

Then I'm in.


Loved this film!

It was a bad call.

I think you should...*disconnect*

Just another bug hunt!!

I just checked the Company log!

And some people love justin bieber, but that still means your an idiot.

It stunk in every way possible.

What a friggen horrendous movie.

I'll buy a prometheus DVD if I get to kick lindelof in the nutts at the checkout counter.

And then I'll burn.

Like your butt crack

wasted money and time. such a disappointment.

I still don't understand how a majority did not understand this movie. Alien never really explained anything about the Alien. Prometheus speaks Alien message so much in this film I think Ray Charles sees it.

Jeeeez ok, ok YOU didn't like it but calling people an idiot for not having the same opinion as you is, immature, self centered and idiotic!
Ergo you are the idiot!

You must a very unhappy person.

I'm just curious why you're wasting your time on a Prometheus chat thread if you didn't like it. Are you.... slow, or something?

When I see a movie I don't like, I tend to avoid spending time talking about it. Also, you should try using complaints that are more specific than "friggen horrendous movie" if you want to make an impact (still not sure why you care...) because, I'd be willing to listen to someone intelligent who has legitimate reasons for not liking it--but not someone who just criticizes with general, broad strokes without using facts from the movie to support his/her position.

This movie would only appeal to someone who has an artistic sense, who loves Sci-Fi, and has deep analytical leanings. (eg: If you didn't like it, you might want to stop embarrassing yourself by bringing it up).

Feel free to use some general, dumb insult to 'get me back.' Even though I think my comment was largely constructive, I won't ever be back to read your response because, even though I liked the movie, I have a life. :)


When the movie comes out on Blu-ray, Buy it. Then Watch ALIEN.
After Watching it take out Prometheus and Watch it.... Not yourself every detail in the first half of ALIEN. Then Nope the whole movie of Prometheus. Now compair.... That should answere your Question. They try and pass this as a Prequal and yet what we are left whit is in no way related to what we see in the ALIEN movie. Wrong moon, wrong Crash site, Jockey is to small, the Jockey died in the wrong Place and the ALien riped open hes entire Body... in ALIEN there is just a little hole in him. + in ALIEN he has hes mask on, in Prometheus hes dies whitout it. Also how can he become a Fosile in just a few Years?

Sock it to em! I havent even seen the movie yet, Im here to see if I should. And since you appear to be the only intelligent person here and say its good. I think I will check it out. Cheers


You are aware that Alien and Prometheus take place on different planets, right? Alien is on LV4256, and Prometheus is on LV2xx. They are different. I really hope you noticed that.


When I see a movie i don't like, I think that talking about it really helps ease the pain. Especially if the film in question has been hyped to the skies. And even more so when the problem with the film are the nonsensical plot holes. In that case, talking about the film is actually the entire point.

It wasn't really hyped up that much, Dark Knight Rises is an example of an extremely hyped movie. Sure, when I see a movie I don't like I talk about it and tell people I didn't like it for maybe a week at most after seeing it. And it's a "Bad Movie" there is no pain about it, it's not like cancer, which although also does not magically disappear just by talking about it. Hell when I talk about how I stubbed my toe it hurts more and still doesn't go away. If it's such I bad movie how is it controlling your life to such a point that all you do is think about it and talk about how bad it is, it's like extremist atheism "I don't let religions control my life" yet they somehow talk about how wrong and stupid religion is ever day.

"And some people love justin bieber, but that still means your an idiot"

My "an idiot"? What is "an idiot" and what makes you think I own one?
Oh the sweet irony. Eat one up and hiccup punk.


Couldn't agree more with the observation of "robthom"; best if he crawled back under his rock with his hot pocket and big gulp.

Beautiful imagery, superb effects and thought-provoking storyline.

If you want spoon-fed, predictable, mindless entertainment (sorry, can't help it - "robthrom"), then avoid.


you can thank the Knights Templar for this luciferian philosophy

Okay people, we can assume the movie didn't take place at exactly the moment before that ship on the other planet. I think that maybe they were transporting a ship with the black ooze stuff, and there was the first xenomorph on the ship with them too, and they killed all the Engineers on that ship and was left on that planet, Then humans found that later. It never says that that ship in the Alien movie was the same from Prometheus. Obviously there is more to be told before Alien.

Black ooze... That's the X-Files. The circle is now complete!

Wow, talk about not getting it. Prometheus and Alien are NOT in the same place. Please find another hobby other than moronic comments about movies that you obviously paid no attention to.

Yes you're is short for you are... Nice one

Awesome movie!!!!!

Hmmmmm.... Have you ever used spell check? It just lowers the value of your comment when you spell worse than a 5th grader.

Wow. The whole discussion is what is wrong with our over computerized, disconnected country. It is just a movie. It had some inconsistencies but was still entertaining. Get a grip people.

They even state in "Prometheus" that there are a lot of other existing sites similar to the one that they find.

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