Ridley Scott on a longer Prometheus cut

News Simon Brew
12 Jun 2012 - 06:52

Might we be seeing an extra 20 minutes of Prometheus on the DVD and Blu-ray release later this year?

Prometheus has been out in the UK now for approaching two weeks, and the debate about the film shows little sign of dying down. It's a long time since we can remember a film quite this divisive, although whichever side of the divide you fall, there's a sense that some useful material appears to have not made the final cut of the movie's second half.

Even before the film was released, though, director Ridley Scott had suggested that more footage may end up being put back into the film at a later point. Chatting to Collider, he's expanded on this slightly, revealing that there's a wealth of material heading to the DVD and Blu-ray later in the year.

"This is fundamentally the director’s cut", he confirmed of the cinematic release. "But there will be half an hour of stuff on the menu [of the disc release] because people are so into films - how they’re made, how they’re set up, and the rejections in it. That’s why it’s fascinating. So this will all go on to the menu."

Specifically, Scott revealed, there's a fight scene between Noomi Rapace's character and one of the Engineers that we'll be seeing on the disc.

But also, when asked how much longer an extended cut for the disc release would be, he replied "20 minutes".

When then asked if that 20 minutes would be added in for a longer version of the film (as opposed to being available as deleted scenes, presumably), he gave a bit more of a puzzling answer: "Maybe. But I’m so happy with this engine, the way it is right now. I think it’s fine. I think it works. It can go in a section where, if you really want to tap in, look at the menu. To see how things are long, and it’s too long."

Scott continued: "Dramatically, I’m about putting bums on seats. For me to separate my idea of commerce from art - I’d be a fool. You can’t do that. I wouldn’t be allowed to do the films I do. So I’m very user friendly as far as the studios are concerned. To a certain extent, I’m a businessman. I’m aware that’s what I have to do. It’s my job. To say, 'Screw the audience.' You can’t do that. 'Am I communicating?' is the question. Am I communicating? Because if I’m not, I need to address it."

If you're reading that answer and you remain unclear whether there's going to be an actual extended cut on the disc, then, er, we're with you there. We're not quite sure what Scott's answer means there. But when we find out more, we'll let you know.


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