Prometheus: new video introduces Noomi Rapace's character

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A non-spoilery promo video for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, feautring Noomi Rapace...

If you're been following our Twitter account, you'll know that we've been holding back on posting the seeming-gazillions of pictures and videos that have popped up for Ridley Scott's Prometheus of late. We've been doing this site for five years and a month, and can't recall another film whether quite so much material was pumped in our direction.

The fear, of course, is that Prometheus has been spoiled a little to tease us in, although nobody can really call that right now, as nobody - outside of people in and around the movie - has had a chance to see it.

For this latest video though, we've made a bit of an exception. This is a specially-shot viral, and doesn't form part of the movie, so we figure we're relatively safe posting it. It features Noomi Rapace, and you can see it below these very words...

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