Rebel Wilson for Private Benjamin remake

News Simon Brew 7 May 2014 - 06:47

The remake of Private Benjamin may see Rebel Wilson taking on the role made famous by Goldie Hawn...

New Line is pressing ahead with the proposed remake of Private Benjamin, and it may have finally found someone to step into Goldie Hawn's army uniform. The Tracking Board is reporting that not only is the remake now apparently happening, but that Rebel Wilson is in line to take on the lead role.

The project was at one time going to happen with Anna Faris taking on Hawn's role. But the casting of Wilson - who's currently at work on Pitch Perfect 2 - would make this far likelier to go ahead. No director has yet been found for the project, which - like the first film - will tell of a woman struggling to get to grips with life in the army. Mark Gordon is set to produce.

The Tracking Board.

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This is one remake I could get behind. Love the original, but see how it could be updated.

I expect the trailer to be mostly Rebel struggling through an assault course and breaking a nail on a machine gun. They'll also probably drop all the romance stuff in Belg....

....holy crap! The original got nominated for acting Oscars! Brilliant!

Actually the more I think about it, unless they stick closely to the original (inc. the wedding and ditching the husband), this could end up being a horrible slap-stick girl in the army mess.

I've changed my mind, don't do it! Imagine the outrage is/when they remake Stripes!

To me, she is literally the least funny person ever. Only Miranda Hart comes close to being THAT unfunny.

Agreed I find both incredibly unfunny. Goldie Hawn on the other hand was a master at comedy. She had fantastic comic timing and had great chemistry with whomever she worked with. She will be impossible to replace.

90% fat jokes. Called it.

hmmm, i think she'd be better as alice the goon in a live-action version of private olive oyl.

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