Robert Rodriguez offers brief update on Predators sequel

News Simon Brew 25 Sep 2012 - 06:37

Predators 2 is still a possibility, but it seems that there's some way to go...

Don't get too excited, as we've written news stories that are far more substantive, and have a lot more to say, than this one. However, we quite liked Predators, the Robert Rodriguez-produced belated addition to the Predator franchise. And you might recall that around the time, there were suggestions that Rodriguez and his team might make a further sequel to the film. Predators 2, perhaps.

ShockTillYouDrop briefly caught up with Rodriguez to see whether Predators 2 was a possibility. And while it's not ruled out, the change of studio head at 20th Century Fox may have an impact here.

"We were thinking about it", Rodriguez confirmed. "I don't know, I'll have to talk to them. They just had a regime change over there - we'll see what happens".

Hmmm. Predators did decent business, with a worldwide take of $127m to its name. Given that Rodriguez brought the film in on a budget of around $40m, and given the money Predators subsequently made on home release, that's not a bad return at all. We'll see in due course if Fox wants more...


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Hmmm. I wasn't the biggest fan of Predators - although it was heap loads better than the AvP films. Perhaps any sequel should return to the "Predators on Earth" scenario rather than set on another planet.

Each new movie is a chance to a good version so I hope it doesn't die and that there is still some life left in the franchise.

Why calling it "Predators 2" ? It should be "Predator 4", "Predators" wasn't a remake, just a sequel...

Leave this franchise alone. Predators was ok, but just ok. Better than all the other predator films and cross overs but nothing compared to the original Predator. Predator belongs and works best with Schwarzenegger. That's why the others were missing that spark that made the first one work. Can you remember any one liners from the other predator films? Bet you can remember them all from Predator. Get to the Chopper, Ain't got time to Bleed!, Because of the Echo!? Ha HA Ha ha Ha Ha, Stick Around, And my personal best one: YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!

Well, Predators did replay so many of the themes of the original that it felt like a remake!

I think it's only a matter of time before we get a decent director who can cook up a decent plot. I'd like to see Rodriguez have a go.

I thought the original was good fun, and the 2nd wasn't too bad either even though Danny Glover was getting too old for that s**t. The tag line was awesome at least (paraphrasing): "In town, with a few days to kill".

I could certainly stand to see another one in an urban setting. There's mileage in that for me at least.

Predators was awesome.

I always thought a Predator movie set in the past would be cool. Since they've been coming here to hunt for so long. It'd be neat to see how a tough guy from say the 17th or 18th century would have handled such a threat. Without the use of easy explosives and machine guns it would bring the story very quickly into that primal hand to hand combat that made the 1st Predator such a wonderful movie. Just a thought...if some director or screenwriter is reading this please take it and don't use any CGI for God's sake!

This franchise is dug in deeper than an Alabama tick. Keep them coming.

The only time I want to see a Predator on film again is if it is hunting a older Dutch. Otherwise, let it go.

Predators was a complete and total JOKE. No actual predatory behaviour from them, just alien dogs & a lot of roaring. Morpheus was the greatest thing about it...for about 10 minutes.

I thought Predators was a poor film, it was good for ut 5mins then went to pot, moving away from a great SCFI Horror to a toy advert. I am suprised people think this film was better than Predator 2 which while not the full concrete jungle (Which would make a great film) it had more to offer. While Preadators is an improvement on AVP, I hope Rodriquez pulls his finger out for the next film or leave it alone before Snarfs and Autobots start to appear.

Id like to see a Predators 2

After sin city 2 and machette hell most likely make this film happen . Since arnold has been approched and is free form governor duties , if fox goes big adds 3D this film could happen and be a big succsess

If that were true they wouldn't specifically reference the first movie?!?!?!

Look at the MILLIONS of Predator action figures being sold every day... collectors are drooling for new characters to be revealed. The fan base is incredible. Google Hot Toys Predators and check the images to get an idea. Many discussion forums have hundreds of thousands of members. There can't be any financial excuse for NOT proceeding with another film...

Cool, I thought it was a descent attempt a predator film. But think if there is another one, they need to explore predator culture a bit more. There only so many times before you can have a film about predator hunting a predator.

I would love to know how they found all the murderers, especially the poisoner. I think that the angle they should take for the next film. We know they been here for 10s of thousands of years let show of that history.

Predator. All of the series are unique. there is a perspective in all of them.

The new Predators was and is a supercool movie, and i really wish for more action comin. Thankyou from Finland, you are awesome.

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What he said

Steampunk Predator ftw!

True ! It had many references to the first one, had a different story, though there were obvious similitudes, it was not a remake nor a reboot, just a sequel !

All I remember about this woeful film was the excessive use of the f-bomb, which is always a sign of a poor film trying to appeal to the masses.

Unfortunately I doubt 1987's brilliant Predator will ever truly have a worthy sequel, just more tasteless cheap cash-grab.

Theres a opportunity here with schwarzenegger been the star which has to attract more audience , i feel people these days are more interested in seening movies they have an idea about already establishment movie story's not random movies stollone , schwarzengger , willis come out with these days unless there just a small role . Schwarznegger's cheaper these days 8 million is his standed salary , will this film 10 he will probably do it but 12 his there , terminator is different he'll get 20 he should do two the producers what two because he'll get 40 the point is this everyone remembers him from predator they will go and see this film give it 3D its better for everyone ,the original has sold alot on home release been given two update releases that cost money to produce on blu ray and ultimatley if! fox ,Rodriguez and everyone involved in the movie making process can not see this , there ether too lazy , too rich or simply dont care about doing another one and if thats the case unfortunately for us fans this franchise might suffer the same fate the Alien sage suffered which is to say another film story surrounding the xenomorphs has not been filmed since around 1997! thats 16 years AGO! . i dont count AVP as a stand alone film which it isent and prometheus centers its story surrounding the engineers not the xenomorphs . :(

Maybe a commercial success, but with 3D and a movie anything like Predators, it's bound to be a crap movie. Predators was terrible, and even AvP1 was better. The only thing that could save such a movie is Arnold.

Predators was the best movie since Predator! They would have to be crazy not to make a sequel. Its one Of those movies you can watch every so often and never get tired of.

The predator itself is an incredible concept and as much as I consider the 1st one my personal favorite Arnold movie , I do not believe him to be a essential ingredient in order to make an equally if not better sequel.
What the franchise needs is a good script and a director who is prepared to deliver.
In my opinion , Predators was a good start and I was very satisfied with the end result. If they continue in this direction and stay true to the character as they have thus far , it can only get better. I would hope anyway.
A more interesting cast of characters would be nice as I found that to be the lackluster element in Predators. Better dialogue would also be appreciated.

If you like the urban setting of the 2nd predator , you should check out the Dark Horse comics mini-series that , in my opinion , should have been the sequel. The franchise might not have taken such a dive if it was.

I don't understand why so many people need Arnold back in order to make a good predator film. Actors do not make good movies. Good directors and a good script do. Besides , he's too old now. If there was ever a time to do another predator movie with Dutch , it was way before Schwarzenegger ran for governor. That time has past. Time to hand the reigns down to some new blood and no , not Adrian Brody. He was okay but nowhere near what I or any true predator fan would have imagined.

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