Shane Black's new Predator film a sequel, not reboot

News Simon Brew 26 Jun 2014 - 07:01

Call off the hounds! Cancel the chopper! The new Predator movie isn't a reboot after all! It's going to be a sequel instead.

Contrary to the original report that was doing the rounds - including on this site - the new Predator film that 20th Century Fox has ordered is set to be a sequel, rather than a reboot.

The clarification has come from Shane Black. Black is the man tasked with putting together the story outline for the movie, which Fred Dekker will then write. After that, Black - who last helmed Iron Man 3 - will be directing as well.

Chatting to Collider, Black said "why start over, when you've all this rich mythology yet to mine?". He added that while he's not a fan of reboots as a rule, he can "really get behind inventive sequels".

Nimrod Antal's Predators, directed by Robert Rodriguez, worked on a similar premise. And whilst not everyone was a huge fan of the film, it didn't really work out too badly. We'd take it over a reboot, certainly.

We still don't have a timescale for the new Predator, but we'll be sure to keep you posted.

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Whilst yes, I agree, sequels over reboots, it is indeed a sad day when we have to make that choice rather than exclaiming 'wow, that was an original story.' (That said I do love me some Ugly Muthafukka's!)

..........aaaaannnd relax. Well that's even better news.

Brilliant news! Reboots are really starting to get to me.


That's cool. I'm actually intrigued what Shane Black will do with the franchise. I always thought it would be pretty cool telling the story from Gary Busey's affiliated group's point of view. So you would have government agents trying to track down Predator's from different parts of the world so that they can study them and steal their technology. But then the Predator's get angry and sent down a squad to hunt down anyone who is part of the group.

Just to let ye know, it was produced by Mr. Rodriguez and directed by Nimrod Antal.

I was in the moment his name was mentioned. Shane Black, the man who can polish a turd!

That's a really cool idea!
Considering modern military technology, a special forces team would be much more of a handful these days for a single Predator. If Dutch and the boys had had a couple of .50 cals, a few HULK suits, short range personal radar and optical/thermal camouflage (which is now a real thing for military vehicles, scarily enough...), they'd have had a Predator barbeque before Blaine could rip the tarp off of Old Painless.
This'll likely be a major release though, setting up further new films- especially given Shane Black's financial success with IM3, so all bets are off as to where/when it'll be set, and who, if anyone, returns from the previous films.
Fingers crossed Busey's character had a twin brother! "The Lions, the tigers... oh my!" hahaha!

Except for Iron Man 3.....That still stunk.

If you say so, as far as I am concerned he saved it. As the phrase implies a turd is a turd he just makes it look nicer. No amount of polishing will make it smell better. So in my opinion your're half right. ;)

Reboots would make sense if there was no television, DVD, blu ray, internet, etc. Anyone in the world can watch the original movies, why do they need to reboot things constantly. Reboot should be a banned phrase, I'm so sick of hearing that word. Probably the worst is Spider-Man. Anyone seeing his movies knows his origin story. At worst just do a five min retelling of it then move on. And the same villains in that franchise over and over. Omg.

Half right? I can live with that. ;)

What we know is that the Predator is always attracted to areas of great conflict and immense heat (tropical jungle/drug war in the first, city suffering heatwave/gang war in the second, custom built hunting ground in the third).

How about a Middle East or African setting for the fourth? Or a prequel, set in Wild West/Frontier days in Nevada desert?

Yes - as the rebooted Hulk film did - just told the origin story through comic strip style panels during the credits at the start.

Presumably the film will be set at Christmas time, like the majority of Black's movies.

"Nimrod Antal's Predators, directed by Robert Rodriguez" - Sarcasm or mistake?

Space would be cool, especially space without artificial gravity. Plus I would love to see more of their ships. But I guess that would be way to expensive to film for a franchise that have never taken good box office returns.

Why would the predators get angry through, I would have thought they be pretty happy to have some prey that can fight back a little.

Thermal camouflage is a real thing for personnel troops.

I have no problem admitting that I liked the Danny Glover sequel.

Great stuff, I am a huge fan of his and am glad he's getting an opportunity to sink his teeth into some decent projects.

Only on the internet...

Good news, a reboot would've been pointless.

Ho and indeed ho.

Nice, both those ideas sound interesting

I can see it now "The Predator who stole Christmas"... :)

Very happy this is going to be a sequel not a reboot.

Predator V's Monster Squad!!!! You know it makes sense.

Your picture of Shane from the credits of Pred reminds me of a discussion we were having recently. Whatever happened to the "salute the heroes" montages at the end of films, i.e. where they run through the main cast members in character either in a brief scene from the film or " at rest". That to me is the one flaw in Aliens, it needed a "salute the heroes" montage at the end.

"Predator Alone In New York" -- because all sequels have to take place in New York City.

Oh, wait, they did that already... or was it Los Angeles? It was LA. I get so confused...

Me too.

If you have to eat a turd sandwich, don't nibble!

I'd like to see some stuff on their home planet. I don't mind reading subtitles. haha

Crisis averted! Now get that second Prometheus movie, that will connect the dots between Prometheus and Alien, going, Fox!

Actually, I think a Predator version of Planet Of The Apes would be cool

Great idea. Also how about WW2 with Preds battling Imperial Japanese or Chindits in the Burmese jungles or against Nazis in Southern Russia or the Caucasus?

I don't think any intelligent race would feel comfortable about their own being hunted down by large groups, but you're right they'd probably see it as a challenge more than anything else.

If he writes it....We can watch it

Wild West Frontier! Been dreaming about a Predator movie like this since Danny Glover was given the gun at the end of Predator 2.

Someone clear this up for me- is this a sequel to Predators (meaning Adrien Brody's character will be in it)? Or an all new standalone story with new characters not following from where Predators left off? I'd prefer a continuation of Predators.

If they not happy, they could just leave our planet alone! It not like we could follow them.

I predict it going to be another standalone film. Fox seem desperate to turn Predators into a big franchise, so another 12A film which again fails to rock the box office. Few year later I see Fox trying again with the same strategy.

But it would be fun to see what happens to those 2 characters that survive the last film.

Dear Mr Black, big fan of your work. Please do not let the studio bully you into making a 12A/Pee Gee Thurteen load of tosh. Also, please put in any number of giant vagina jokes as required.

"Dutch" better be in this, even as a cameo, I want to know what happened to him.

Wasn't it a much earlier flintlock pistol that he was given , such as used by....Pirates....of....'brain melt'..PREDATORS IN THE CARIBBEAN!

Memory is hazy, but that too is a great idea! I wonder how long Sparrow would last? Either way, as you already said in your posts, any historical war-type setting with a Predator would be amazing; I like the Nazi idea.

A WWII Predator film?! Hell yeah, what a great call! :D

Save me, Jeebus!

I can get behind a Predator killing people on their last minute Christmas shopping.

They could even get Arnie back reprising his roles from Predator and Jingle All The Way

You know, I think his Jingle All the Way character had a measure of PTSD... It could work.

I loved Predators. I liked having a serial killer be one of the "human predators" in the band. Loved the ensemble.

Gary Busey? EF yeah!

Thank god. And by the way, Damn! I had no idea Shane Black was Hawkins in Predator! The man is swiftly rising to the top of my "legends" chart.

Turbo-Man vs Predator - I think we may be onto something here.

I've seen worse concepts in recent years.

It was ok but pales in comparison to the original.

If I remember correctly in Predator 2 Gary Busey's character mentions that Predators have been involved in Iwo Jima, Cambodia and Beiruit.

Maybe not box office but can guarentee they are still making a lot of money from the first film atleast.

Predator is one of my favourite films first seen upon release in the 80's as part of my friends and I usual Saturday student ritual of a film, then pub, then club (those where the days!). However it was film of its time filled with bombastic larger than life characters and I don't know that they can recreat that feel, even with someone on board from the orginal who clearly one would hope has respect for the same. That said there's certainly space for a cameo by Arnie perhaps as the guy sending the troops in on the mission, whatever it will be.

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