Predator reboot in develpment

News Simon Brew
24 Jun 2014 - 20:37

Fox is rebooting the Predator series, with Shane Black lined up to direct...

Oh crikey. A couple of years ago, Robert Rodriguez put together a reasonably-received sequel to Predator, by the name of Predators. At the time, there were plans for a sequel to that. It would be fair to suggest that such plans have been shelved.

For we learn tonight that Fox is rebooting Predator. As in, the whole series.

However, there's one massive upside to this. It's rebooting Predator, but the studio has hired Shane Black to pen a treatment for the film. He will then hand over the screenplay duties to Monster Squad's Fred Dekker. The plan is then for Black - the helmer of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 - to direct the film.

There's no timescale that we know of at the moment. Joel Silver, who produced the original Predator, is attached to this one.

More news as we get it. We suspect Arnold Schwarzenegger might be interested in a cameo...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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