Predator reboot in develpment

News Simon Brew 24 Jun 2014 - 20:37

Fox is rebooting the Predator series, with Shane Black lined up to direct...

Oh crikey. A couple of years ago, Robert Rodriguez put together a reasonably-received sequel to Predator, by the name of Predators. At the time, there were plans for a sequel to that. It would be fair to suggest that such plans have been shelved.

For we learn tonight that Fox is rebooting Predator. As in, the whole series.

However, there's one massive upside to this. It's rebooting Predator, but the studio has hired Shane Black to pen a treatment for the film. He will then hand over the screenplay duties to Monster Squad's Fred Dekker. The plan is then for Black - the helmer of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3 - to direct the film.

There's no timescale that we know of at the moment. Joel Silver, who produced the original Predator, is attached to this one.

More news as we get it. We suspect Arnold Schwarzenegger might be interested in a cameo...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Although a lot of people seemed to dislike it, I thought Predators was a very good modern sequel, and I'd rather just see that continued.

Also, flame me if you like, but Predator 2 is a vastly underrated and underappreciated movie (a bit like Alien 3). The idea of moving the scene to the midst of an LA drug/gang war was genius.

Im sure Shane Black not ONLY is in Predator, he helped out with the script on set too! So this is full circle!

This is where the word reboot becomes meaningless - the links between the Predator movies have been tangential - they all have different characters, different settings, different atmospheres - so what is there to reboot?

The mighty Bill Paxton!

No flaming here: I love Predator 2 as well, not quite as much as the original, but it's still a cracking film.

I'm on board for this. Predator is undoubtedly a classic, a genuinely brilliant film, but Predator 2 was disappointing, the two Alien vs Predator films were garbage, and Predators was basically a lazy rehash of the first film.

I think a reboot with a properly planned Predator mythology could be a success. The idea introduced in 2 that the Predators have been around for centuries was a cool one, and it feels like a series with huge potential that hasn't been realised.

It would have to be an R/18-rated film though, otherwise there's no point.

I read this article, and what I basically got out of it was "Shane Black is making a Predator film." I can't really see a downside to this. If they'll allow him to make it R rated, then even better.

The whole thing is so deliciously over the top it's hard not to love it.

Plus it's got Gary Busey!

Don't get it. Why reboot it? It's not like they were all linked anyhoo and if they want to do a new series i'm sure it could run concurrently alongside the old ones?
Agreed though, Predator 2 is awesome and Predators was pretty good, though it took too many queues from the firs one.
Shane Black involvement is genius though

Predator 2 was great fun. Wasn't as good as the first one, but it was at least brave enough to be a different movie (in the same way Aliens was a different movie to Alien) rather than a by-the-numbers sequel.

The AvP movies are a classic example of how to mess up something that a 10 year old could come up with a good story for, so I agree with that.

Predators I thought was a great love-letter to the classic 80s ensemble cast of stereotypes and action movies. Other than Larry Fishbourne's attempt to play a mobile Colonel Kurtz...

Noooo, just make a Predator-3. Maybe have Stallone in it and Arnie back as he knows what hes dealing with. Hell, I'd be up for Rambo vs Predator!

Please leave predator alone! A classic in its own right. No reboot required

I liked Pred 2. however, the AvP films killed both franchises dead.

All I really remember about Predators is some weird casting and irritating use of dialogue from the original film. Predator 2 does have some solid ideas, but it still feels a bit like a missed opportunity.

Predators was announced as a reboot, too.

How much faith do I have in that writer if you have to reference the Monster Squad as his top writing achievement :)

Most of the movies have been very loosely connected and can't really be called sequels to each other, so there is no point in calling a future standalone movie a reboot. So to me the most important thing is to get a good movie featuring a very violent Predator or several.

I agree with you. I loved Predators too and liked how it shifted the emphasis away from the story being on Earth (and who'd have ever thought Adrien Brody could play a convincing badass soldier?).

With regards to Predator 2, let me share an epiphany that I had about the movie a few years - it is actually a comic book movie. If you rewatch it, and pretend you're reading a comic book it works sooo much better. If you've ever read Batman vs Predator, keep that in mind while watching Predator 2 and you'll find it a much more enjoyable viewing experience. Even the dialogue and humour works better this way

I'm pretty hopeful that they'll go for an R rating, as Fox did allow PREDATORS, PROMETHEUS and A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD to go for that rating, so maybe they learnt from the PG-13 mistake of LIVE FREE AND DIE HARD 4.0. (Now if only they could learn from some of the other mistakes of last two DIE HARD films by making one that actually feels like a DIE HARD film. I hear John McTiernan is free, as in both out of prison and available for work.)

Re: Predator 2, I completely agree. I have the three (unless there's more now?) Batman v Predator comics and I loved them for just that reason.

Predator 2 is an unashamed popcorn flick. No pretensions, no deep underlying message, just balls-on-the-table fun from start to finish. It's a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours. No-one will ever change my mind that it's a great sequel to Predator. :)

I think Topher Grace put a lot of people off Predators, but I thought he was quite convincing. The only thing I didn't like was Fishbourne - he was chewing the scenery so hard it's a wonder he had any teeth left at the end! :)

Fred Dekker wrote THE MONSTER SQUAD with Shane Black. And he's basically been Black's best mate for decades. Black's not just handing it over to anyone, and I'm sure he'll be giving loads of input and suggestions into it.

I love the first predator one of the best films of all time. So I don't like the idea of remarking the film thy as not bin one remark as good as the original. Now that being said i would like to see the franchise continue

Completely agree re: predator 2 AND Aliens 3, and I'll even make the argument that the AVP's, which both SUCKED, made Alien:Resurrection look better. Now that I've mentioned Alien:Resurrection, might I suggest that Predators is that franchise's Resurrection? By that I mean, Void of meaning, but full of treats like Ron Perlman hanging upside down from a ladder to shoot aliens, yakuza vs predator, space pirates, predator vs yakuza, and Brad Dourif calling a human/alien hybrid "beauuutiful butterfly" before it eats his forehead like a tomato. Predator 2 was more than moments: it was a solid movie. Also, had I not been a fan of lethal weapon, I may have liked it less. And I don't care what anybody says, Predator is up there with terminator 3 and totall recall as one of Arnold's best. Hope Black kills it... Before it kills him!

DoG once said, and I paraphrase: Bill Paxton has (holds?) dubious honor of being (the only person?) killed by alien, predator, and terminator.


Sure, if you want it to make 12 dollars.

Should be fun. I know everyone hates all these reboots going on, but just because something is being rebooted doesn't mean it's going to be bad.

Wasn't Lance Henriksen? Killed by a Terminator in the first movie, an Alien in Aliens (I know he died for good in Alien 3 but being cut in half helped him along) and a Predator in Alien vs Predator.

Heh yeah good point

I guess he took a while to die, being 2 movies, but it counts!

They shouldn't reboot the franchise... do a "proper" sequel or follow up to the first film. Have a new group of Special Forces go investigate a part of the jungle where the original took place, as the government have picked up signals that match what happened to Schaefer and his crew many years before. Have the Special Forces team kept in the dark from their true mission and if possible have Arnie appear as Schaefer who has had to go into hiding living as a hermit to stop the government silencing him and covering up the previous events.

Also DO NOT make it PG-13

I really enjoyed Predator 2 and was a good sequel... but I still can't stand Alien 3.

"Lions and Tigers ..... oh my!"


Dear Sir,
Having read your comment I decided to try for myself your suggested method of having fun and put my balls on the table. After the prescribed couple of hours they became quite cold with a dull ache throughout, but it wasn't really fun as such.
I'm willing to give it another shot, but is there something I'm missing??
an overly impressionable reader.

I believe Black has admitted his input to the script has been exaggerated over the years and in fact he only contributed the 'gee you've got a big pussy' joke.

And Bill Paxton....And let her not be left out, one of my early infatuations, Maria Conchita Alonso!.

Bet you $500 this one is called... "THE Predator"

Because the omission or inclusion of "The" is what passes for creativity in Hollywood these days.

Would MUCH rather see Shane Black's "Doc Savage" - you know, something new never done properly on film?

New Preddy movie? Yes please! A reboot? WHAT? WHY? Is this so they can upgrade the rubber costume for a CGI monster? Beware folks, a reboot means a licence to change what we love about the character....

Getting quite emotional with the love being given to Predator 2 here. I thought I was alone in loving it! And while a Shane Black Predator movie is something I would automatically be interested in, and look forward to, I am disappointed Predators is not getting a sequel- it was a great film and I was eager to see more.

Could be good but it doesn't have to be a reboot, and the Predator itself is still awesome so I sure hope they leave it pretty much alone.

Predator 2 has always been magic. F*****' voodoo magic, mon!!!

A Predator reboot by Shane Black? Oh God this is too much for one fanboy.

I'm not very doubtful that it will be R, but it absolutely will not be an 18. I'd put money on it.

Predator is one of those franchises that Hollywood doesn't know what to do with (other than leave it alone, they know they won't do that).

A proper sequel to the first film would be nice, not just another film with a Predator in it and a scene where someone loosely explains the plot of the first to the other protagonists.

Predator is one of those franchises that Hollywood doesn't know what to do with (other than leave it alone, they know they won't do that).

A reboot's not really necessary. A proper sequel to the first film would be better, not just another film with a Predator in it and a scene where one of the characters loosely explains the plot of the first to the others.

Total Recall = Bad
Robocop = Bad
Conan = Bad

Stop with the reboots. Let's have some 21st century stories, with some new ideas, new heroes and new villains. There must be thousands of new stories out there. Why won't Hollywood try something new for a change, and stop relying on this cash cow, and rehashed stories that we all have seen before.

Next thing you know they will be rebooting Back to the a Future. If they can do it with Blade Runner they can do it with any thing.

Let's milk this cow for all it's worth and play it safe:-(

Thanks Hollywood.

"Shhhheeeit 'Appensssssss...." ;D

I was thinking the same thing. As others have said, it's a meaningless word in this context as the Predator films are all essentially stand-alone anyway...

You've made a schoolboy error there. The table should be lined with mink and in a climate controlled room, clearly. ;)

NO! We wanted a sequel to Predators not ANOTHER reboot. Has anyone got any new ideas for new films. Anyone????

Why reboot? Aren't those Predator movies more stand alone than actual sequels of eachother?
Also, aren't the Predator, Alien, Prometheus and even the AvP movies not in the same movie universe? With the bluray release of Prometheus there was even a hint of throwing Blade Runner into the mix.

Oh for crying out loud. Another f***ing reboot?!!! Which will no doubt just be another inferior cash-in like pretty much every other reboot. When did Hollywood get so timid? Take some risks - do something new!

The Blade Runner sequel just makes me want to cry. More so that it's being done by Ridley Scott - the man who had to fight tooth and nail to get Blade Runner made the way he wanted - the man who single-handedly made the historical epic fashionable again with Gladiator - who made the first haunted house in space movie with Alien - that this visionary is now playing it safe with sequels and prequels is just heartbreaking.

Even worse, you know it will just be a PG reboot so that they can screw even more money out of filmgoers by enabling kids to watch family-friendly dismemberment.

I don't get the love for Monster squad. A children's film, and not a very good one from what I remember...As for Dekker, RoboCop 3 anyone? Hardly a master craftsman... (Leave Predator alone!)

In the end we will find out the Alien is actually an actor in a rubber suit hired by a government agent who has a beef with the main character to make him think an Alien invasion is happening so he can sell something to make a ton of money.
Yes I am still angry about IM3

Not sure about this (I was always disappointed that Arnie in his heyday did not reprise his role in Predator 2). Predator’s was OK but it was difficult to really root for any of the characters since they lacked charisma. A reboot was always on the cards but they need charismatic characters in the lead roles who are capable of delivering lines such as Jesse Ventura's priceless quote in the original of "I ain’t got time to bleed" with suitable aplomb!

Ok so we are all agreeing that predator one is the best
movie of all time if not the best.

“You're ghostin' us, *jive turkey* (edited, because you know
kids go on the internet). I don't care who you are back in the world, you give
away our position one more time, I'll bleed ya, real quiet. Leave ya here. Got
that?” seriously it doesn’t get much better than that.

Yep I thought, so we all agree.

Remembering that Predator one is the boss, make the new
movie not a remake but predator Three. That keeps P1 in the timeline, because well you know, Awesome. Keep Predator 2 in the timeline, because that movie kicks all kinds arse as well and I don’t think I am out of line by saying one of the best squeals ever, but I digress. Also keep P2 because I need a plot point out of it. Just use the predator hunting unit out of P2, and base it around them.

Ha just saw someone had the same idea, really should read
the comments before I make my own. Yes I agree RawBeard and base it like weeks (or maybe wait till the jungle grows back a bit) after the first, 80s throw
back, and have the predators doing the same thing maybe… or you know something better.

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