First trailer lands for Postman Pat movie

Trailer Simon Brew 4 Feb 2014 - 12:00

Postman Pat heads to the big screen in May, with help from Stephen Mangan and David Tennant. Here's the trailer...

Well, it's been a long time coming. After entertaining children of all ages for lots and lots of years, surviving privatisation and cutbacks as he worked away, Postman Pat is finally making his big screen debut.

Heading to cinemas on May 23rd is Postman Pat: The Movie, which boasts the voices of Stephen Mangan and David Tennant. As this first trailer shows, there's a reality TV plot mechanic shoehorned him, and it doesn't look as though delivering the mail is a huge priority. But still! It's a Postman Pat film!

If it does well, can we have the Family Ness next?

Here's the trailer...

Here's the poster too...

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Looks like a poor man's Wallace and Gromit caper.


Leave my childhood alone! :(

Looks cheap and sounds terrible.

Another example of just how bad (Aardman excluded [mostly]) the UK film industry is at making animated films.

It looks terribly cheap =/ I wish they'd have used the stop-motion look from the series, had a much warmer quality to it...

I know that it's not been made for me. I know that source materials need to be updated for modern audiences. And I know that needlessly hyperbolic slamming of movies based on trailers is silly.

But this literally looks like the worst thing since AIDs.

I don't think it can be healthy for me to hate this as much as I do.

Too bright and colourful for me - guess it looks harmless enough but it's one of those ones that join a string of crappy kids' films that only serves to make money and keep the kids entertained for ninety minutes.

Il Postino Pat! ;o)

If they wanted to update it, go with the Special Delivery Service era Postman Pat - at least that looks right. My guess is it was costing too much, despite being closer to the original idea behind the show, didn't tick all the profitability boxes for the current batch of producers, so the whole thing was sold off to the lowest bidder - hang on, I'm getting confused with the Royal Mail...

Nothing wrong with a Postman Pat film. However there is a lot wrong with it not being stop frame animation and using shoddy, cheap looking computer animation instead.

Finally...about 2 watch now...

No offence to any Americans's not voiced by Americans, this is not a My Friends Tigger and Pooh *raises eyebrow*

And you've covered this movie on Den of Geek because.....?

AIDS, if it were sponsored by the Holocaust.

Is this even a serious trailer? It's got the feel of one of those spoof trailers off youtube. If this is real, then I would rather lick the toecheese from between a tramps toes than subject my kids to this drivel.

I preferred the Costner version.

Return to sender.

Looks alright to me, at least in terms of what it is. I mean, it's only a Postman Pat movie, it ain't like the original series was really all that special.

OMG that looks unbelievable terrible.

This will be as equally, if not more so, crap as the smurf films. Which I haven't seen, but we know don't we, we know.

Oh me, a creaky old show that my daughter grew out of by the time she was 5 get's the CGI big screen treatment. I think I'd rather have invasive rectal surgery without anaesthetic than subject any poor kid to this!! It looks cheap, the animation looks s***e, the only good thing going for it is the voice cast but why the likes of Stephen Mangan, Jim Broadbent, David Tennant etc are lowering themselves to this drivel is beyond me. All of them must have their gas/electric bills in!!


So, it's The Doctor versus Dirk Gently in a plot ripped off from the Inspector Gadget movie with some X-Factor thrown in because that's what the kids love these days.

It'll make a fortune and I'll die a little inside.

Why even call this Postman Pat? It's not Postman Pat's voice, it doesn't look like Postman Pat, and the story is not a "Postman Pat" story. My kids don't even recognise it. And what has happened to Jess the cat? They should have mde an SDS movie and kept the original voices! Kids don't care about David Tennant they want Pat to sound like Pat.

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