Ray Winstone joins the Point Break remake

News Simon Brew 9 May 2014 - 07:32

It had been rumoured, but now it's definite: Ray Winstone is joining the new Point Break film...

There's no sign of the Point Break remake slowing down, in spite of the fact that it lost Gerard Butler from one of its lead roles this week. The plan still seems to be to shoot the movie from the end of next month. Luke Bracey is still set to play Johnny Utah, and Ericson Core is directing.

We now learn too that Ray Winstone is definitely joining the cast. He's going to be taking on the role of Pappas, as was rumoured at the start of last month. Pappas was, of course, the part taken by Gary Busey in the original movie.

Point Break is expected to be released in cinemas in 2015.


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what a horrible actor

...but man, does he persuade me to gamble.

Aww, I thought he would be taking the role from Butler. I was looking forward to seeing Ray in his beach shorts!

Oh dear.

What on Earth is he thinking? Any self respecting actor would take one look at the script 'Point Break - remake' and throw it in the bin.

Well done Gerard Butler!

I have no words to describe what confusion, hurt, confusion some more, and anger that is going on in my head right now. I still can't get past the whole reboot of this classic! I mean SERIOUSLY!

This man has got to have the best agent in Hollywood. He plays every single part as 'Ray Winstone' ("I'm Henry the bleeding eightff, and the latest odds on Rooney to score next are on your screen naar, you toilet") and yet he gets cast in everything it seems.
Also, Gerard Butler pulling out can't be a good sign. He's hardly a benchmark of quality himself.

it's taken me two days to scrub that image out of my mind, I'm returning here to say...you owe me two nights of sleep!

No he isn't

Didn't do Sean Connery any harm.

You enjoyed that image so much it kept you awake for two nights! You lucky boy ;)

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