Gerard Butler quits Point Break remake

News Simon Brew 7 May 2014 - 06:31

Creative differences and scheduling problems lead to Gerard Butler quitting Point Break...

Outside of those paying for and making the new Point Break movie, we've not yet met a single person who wants a remake of the 1990s classic. But that's just what we're getting. Ericson Core is directing the Point Break remake, Kurt Wimmer has penned the script, Luke Bracey is taking on the role played by Keanu Reeves, whilst the part taken by Patrick Swayze in the first film has gone to Gerard Butler for the new one.

Well at least it had. News has now broken that Butler has quit the new take on Point Break. The Hollywood Reporter puts this down to "a confluence of factors". We put that quote in because you don't see the word confluence enough. Consider that rectified.

Anyway, factor one is a scheduling problem. Point Break starts full production in late June, whilst Butler also has to squeeze in the shoot for London Has Fallen before the year is out. Furthermore, "there have been creative differences", which are also believed to have contributed. Whichever is the stronger reason, Butler won't be part of the new Point Break.

It's still full steam ahead for the project though. That late June start date is still set to happen, and Butler's replacement will be announced in due course.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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Confluence is a nice word.

Point Break has been remade. It's a little known film called The Fast and the Furious

Maybe now they'll cancel it altogether

fast & The Furious was an inferior remake of No Man's Land with Charlie Sheen and D.B. Sweeney.

Gerard Butler probably realised that Keanu could conceivably still play the same character and realised the whole thing was a waste of time.

I am looking forward to the headline: "Hollywood cancel Point Break remake due to it being utterly and completely point(break)less"

What're the odds on Keanu being cast as the new Bodhi? That'd probably make some heads explode.

boom & boom

Great Scot!

This film will get dumped like a kook on a late take off!

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