Luke Bracey joins Point Break remake

News Simon Brew 25 Feb 2014 - 06:55

Luke Bracey joins Gerard Butler in the remake of Point Break...

Well, it's still going ahead. The long-mooted remake of Point Break is now at the stage where it's putting its cast in place, and it's been announced that Luke Bracey is to take on one of the lead roles.

Bracey, recently seen in G.I. Joe: Retaliation (and previously of Home And Away vintage), is to play Johnny Utah - the role taken by Keanu Reeves in the original - in the new film. Gerard Butler has already been cast in the movie.

The new Point Break has been penned by Kurt Wimmer, who also put together the screenplay for Salt and the Total Recall remake - and Ericson Core (Invincible) is directing.

Foreign distribution rights for Point Break have sold quickly, and it's full steam ahead on the film, which is set to begin photography over the summer. It looks like it'll be released in 2015.

More as we hear it...

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Gerard Butler can surf pretty well... (See ace film 'Chasing Mavericks') Just saying.

It just makes me angry!! It's a flipping heist movie!! It doesnt need a remake.. the story is as simplistic as it gets!!!!
We love it for the corny acting, Gary Busey and some fab cinematography!


'The new Point Break has been penned by Kurt Wimmer, who also put together the screenplay for Salt and the Total Recall remake'

ooh! such credentials! At least the writing is going to be top drawer....


Alreadt decided i will never watch this version. Whty do they need to remake this film as its is still brilliant today.

Gary Busey nearly forgot he was in that film. There is no way this will be a 10th as good as the original. long live Jonny Utah!!

Dear Hollywood, please remake films that either didn't live up to their potential or were downright bad in the first place, and try and improve on those. Please stop remaking films that were spot on the first time round - the only way is down.

No. No no no no no... no. Just.... so many no's.

There is no need to remake this film AT ALL. It's a simple formula. Person goes undercover to infiltrate, gets too involved, gets compromised. It does not need a surfing remake.

The same formula can be seen in Pocahontas, Avatar and The Fast and the Furious. It works.

But at least work the story into something different instead of a complete remake!

Luke Bracey!! I´m sold!............... Go fcuk yourself Hollywood

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