New trailer for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Trailer Louisa Mellor 8 May 2014 - 14:00

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes arrives in cinemas this July. Here's the latest trailer...

With just over eight weeks until Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes arrives in US cinemas on July the 11th (and here in the UK on an as-yet unconfirmed date in July), 20th Century Fox has released a new trailer for the would-be summer blockbuster.

Matt Reeves is taking the reins on this follow-up to Rupert Wyatt's surprisingly strong 2010 franchise reboot, directing the previous film's Andy Serkis as well as Judy Greer and The Fantastic Four's recently cast Doctor Doom, Toby Kebbell, in the motion-capture bodysuits, alongside Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

Reeves' film is evidently set some years after we last saw chimp provocateur Caesar climb a San Francisco Redwood, time in which mankind has battled a deadly virus and apekind has discovered the joys of face-paint. Watch the latest trailer below.

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Obviously not that intelligent. He talks like a monkey Yoda!


Odds on this ending either on a nuclear strike? Prrrrrretty high, I'd say. Then T3 John Connor can fulfil his REAL destiny.


Expectations high, you have!

I'll start a queue for this right NOW. So excited!

Looks good, but "PLANET of the Apes"? Looks like "North America of the Apes". Perhaps that's explained in the movie.

Are you saying that Yoda is not that intelligent?

Take my money, chimps.

It's explained in the title, 'Dawn' of the Planet of the Apes.

I don't think this will end that way. I think this sets up a 3rd film where it will literally be a war film, Apes Vs Humans. I think this 2nd film is leading up to the war.

The trailer seems to be showing us how the Apes have established their own colony and how Humans fear them. The whole 'you always fear what you don't understand' angle. Creating almost a racial tension.

Either way... it looks AMAZING.

Should he be reciting Byron by now?

Can not wait, most (non-superhero) anticipated film of this summer for me!

"I for one welcome are ape overlords" :-)

I'm really looking forward to this, was thoroughly impressed with the 'first' one which, to my shame, I'd written off as a cash grab and ignored when it was released, only caught it when I went round a mates and his other half was watching the DVD, I was totally gripped, bring on round 2.

How rousing was that trailer music,gave me goosebumps.
Please be good,please be good,please be good :-)

It's like Tim Burton never happened. Can we get an Urko please too?

The first one was a great surprise, I assumed it would be rubbish but I really enjoyed it! Can't wait for this!! Hail Caeser!!

This really looks great. But will the humans play the piano anymore?

Yep yep, this and Godzilla are wetting my pants area in anticipation.

And less poetically: "you always fear that which can quite easily remove your face"

I was thinking more Keats... or Thomas!

All I am saying is that... if Caesar had properly inhaled the intelligence gas (that is the official name for it)... he'd be a more flamboyant orator. Perhaps he should be renamed Clinton. The orangutan in the clip properly inhaled. ANYWAY... forgetting all that. SPOILER... Can anyone offer up a reason why Chuck Heston looks up at a battered Statue of Liberty but not one other building/landmark is visible?

You say choose to speak fooling he does?

Take my bananas overlords.


Once again Andy Serkis will probably not get any recognition for the work he does. But hell he's headlining this movie, even though we can't tell.

If only to teach you how to use the words 'our' and 'are' properly. ;)

My theory would be that the city of New York was obliterated ( bear in mind I haven't seen the original sequels "beneath the planet of the apes" etc. so they probably contradict me) but I happily assumed that the statue destroyed and left to the sea/ocean and eventually washed up where they were which evidently was a very rural part of the world...a weak theory but a theory nonetheless...

Good point. It does look great doesn't it?

Yes please, oh very yes! this is how you carry on a franchise

Does he not get recognition? He is the most famous motion capture actor around and gets many parts in large franchises. He has won various awards.
What kind of recognition are you meaning?

I'm really looking forward to this one, because I enjoyed the previous one so much and I like the franchise very much.

Of course, even though they couldn't before.

Does anyone know what the music used in the first half of the trailer is from?

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