Rupert Wyatt quitting new Planet Of The Apes film?

News Simon Brew 18 Sep 2012 - 06:13

Has the director of Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes just left its follow-up, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes?

Now this is a shame. Few blockbusters have managed to fly under the radar of people's expectations and deliver quite as much as Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes did last year. Not only did the movie resurrect the franchise, but it was an interesting, intelligent blockbuster, with much to like about it.

Given that it also performed well commercially, Fox is keen to continue the franchise, and it's already announced a release date for its follow-up, Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. The problem is, it might just have lost its director as a result of that date.

Rupert Wyatt was set to return to direct the new movie, but according to a new report, he's now passed on the chance to do so. The reason is reportedly the tight schedule that the new film is now on, to hit its May 23rd 2014 release date.

If true, this is a massive blow, although we'd imagine that Fox would prefer to bring in a new director than delay one of its tentpole movies of summer 2014. That date is still 20 months away, so it's more than likely a film can and will be turned around in that time. But it's a real shame that Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes may not see Wyatt behind the camera once more, to continue the story. After all, a good chunk of the credit for Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes is owed to him.

More on this as we get it.


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This is a damn shame. I love the apes franchise and "Rise" was one of the best. I hope they can work it out and keep Wyatt on board

It's a shame to see the departure of the man responsible for how good Rise was. I was pleasantly surprised at the substance that film had. I recall Robert Downey Jr. expressing a similar concern over the tight production time of Iron Man 2, saying he was afraid they wouldn't be able to "make it as good" as the first film (or something to that effect).

Thank gawd Whedon and Abrams weren't rushed into sequels for Avengers and Trek, or Hollywood might have succeeded in annoying some of it's brightest directors.

'Dawn...' has great potential and I'm sure it must be difficult for the director to walk away from his baby.

I hope they get someone who can bring the same weight and gravitas to the film.

I'm looking forward to seeing the state of the world when the movie starts. Watch the original PotA last week and there's still plenty of ground to cover in terms of whether the apes and humans can co-exist to some degree or whether man's nature will always be to conquer any rivals.

Give Brett Ratner a call!

Damn it. Sincerely hope that this loss and a rushed schedule will not derail this franchise.

What a shame. RotPotA was a film last which I was not at all interested in seeing, but when I finally did I think it was my favourite blockbuster of the summer - sad to see this gifted story teller drop out because of studio pressure.

Now that's a real shame, got round to watching Rise a few weeks back and was blown away with how good it was. Ah well, hopefully they can find another director of Wyatt's caliber.

I feel slightly crazy, but I did not care for Rise. I thought its story was weak, its CGI was not as good as it has been made out to be, and its cast bludgeoned its way to a mediocre and sacrilegious climax. Am I really alone on this? Granted, anything is better than Burton's.

It's sad if Mr Wyatt has gone, I love this franchise too and the last film was worthy of the canon nd my fave summer film of 2011. Only one man should replace him, Duncan Jones. Moon and Source Code have shown us the man has talent.

My expectations have lowered considerably but I will still reserve judgement until I see it.

Yes, yes you are.

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