Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 not shooting until at least 2015

News Simon Brew 25 Jun 2014 - 06:40
Pirates of the Caribbean

The delayed Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 may finally set sail in early 2015, Jerry Bruckheimer has revealed...

Hmmm. The fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides, may have taken over $1bn at the global box office, but it's hard to argue that it particularly righted the wrongs of the previous sequels. Originally planned for release next year, Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 has thus been back on the drawing board for a while now, and there are no obvious signs of it budging.

For some time, directors Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg have been attached to this one, with Jeff Nathanson having penned a screenplay. However, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney parted ways on their long term deal last year, although they're still working on the latest Pirates sequel together.

Not that it's moving anywhere fast. The latest comes from Bruckheimer, who spoke to WLTV at the Monte Carlo Film Festival, revealing that we could look forward to "a new adventure from Johnny Depp, Captain Jack. And hopefully we'll get started after the first of the year, that's what we're looking forward to".

That still doesn't sound too definite to us, but even if true, it's a further delay for the project. An early 2015 start would be enough to get Pirates 5 in cinemas for the summer of 2016, although it was recently reported that the movie hadn't been given the official greenlight by Disney yet. We'd imagine it wants a tigher budget in place before it gives the project the nod.

It's pretty much a given that a new Pirates Of The Caribbean movie will happen. But it's also clearly not happening just yet...


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1 was great, 2 was good, 3 was disappointing and 4 was bilge, a franchise that's past it's sell by date.

Hopefully the delay means that there is a chance that they will have a good script in place before the cameras roll. I hope that Jack Sparrow won't be the focus of the story as the character works better in a supporting role.

And not a f*ck was given...

I'd like a fifth Pirates, but I would like a third TRON more, Disney!

I'm in a minority that loves this whole series. I felt the fourth was a bit average due to a lack of interesting characters - but I loved the second and third films. A fifth is most welcome to me as they've not put a proper step wrong so far, and only had one slight mis-step.

Push it back as far as they like! I liked the first one. This joins my denial list, as far as I am concerned this Robocop and Highlander stopped at one!

Agree wholeheartedly. I loved the original idea where things were happening in the forefront, and there was Sparrow in the background; skulking, weaving, plotting, lying, making things up as he goes along. I remember seeing the first Pirates and being so entertained and thinking, this is going to be the best franchise ever! Then the rest of the movies happened, and while I still enjoy them to this day whenever I feel like a Pirates binge, overuse of Sparrow was a definite detriment. Looking forward 5 nonetheless.

all i would like in pirates of the caribbean 5 is will and elizabeth back the 4th on was terrible because they wasnt in it please consider putting them back in

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