Who's on the Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 director shortlist?

News Simon Brew
10 May 2013 - 06:35
Captain Jack Sparrow

There's no Rob Marshall or Gore Verbisnki - so who's going to be directing Johnny Depp in Pirates Of The Caribbean 5?

It's little secret that Disney is pressing ahead with a fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie, which has already been scheduled for the summer of 2015. After all, it's arguably now the most critic-proof franchise on the planet, outside of Transformers. The last three films have been really quite poor (with the odd spark), and have gone on to make huge buckets of cash. That On Stranger Tides took over $1bn worldwide remains baffling, given its side ability to cure insomnia.

For the fifth film, it now seems all but certain that another new director is being recruited. Gore Verbisnki, who helmed the first three, was never likely to return. Rob Marshall, who directed the fourth, was a possible, but according to the latest reports, he's not on the shortlist.

So who is? Well, some interesting choices. The frontrunners are apparently the duo of Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. They're behind the Norwegian drama Kon-Tiki, about the explorer Thor Heyerdahl who spends 101 days crossing the Pacific Ocean on a raft. Shooting on water box firmly ticked there, then.

Also in the running is apparently Fredrik Bond, who directed The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman. Rupert Sanders, who isn't directing the sequel to his hit movie Snow White And The Huntsman has also being mentioned.

These are, on the whole, interesting choices. Our fear would be that they get plugged into the Hollywood system and have to do Hollywood things, rather than shape the film they want. But we'll keep you posted as we hear more.


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