Jane Goldman to pen Tim Burton's Pinocchio?

News Simon Brew 16 Nov 2012 - 06:29

Robert Downey Jr and Tim Burton may unite for Pinocchio - and it looks as if Jane Goldman is on writing duties.

It looks like we may end up with one of those situations that used to be fairly commonplace in the 90s, where two movies based around similar themes end up competing against one another. In the past we had Volcano vs Dante's Peak, Armageddon vs Deep Impact, and the abandoned Crisis In The Hot Zone vs Outbreak. This year, meanwhile, Mirror Mirror and Snow White & The Huntsman raced to the big screen.

Next up? It's the battle of the competing Pinocchios.

We already know that Guillermo del Toro is developing his own long-cherished Pinocchio project. But it looks as if the one that's gaining traction at the moment is a potential Tim Burton-directed live action take on the story. Robert Downey Jr has been mooted to star in the project, and now it's been reported that the proposed Burton Pinocchio is to be written by Jane Goldman.

Goldman is on something of a streak at the moment, with the screenplays to Stardust, Kick-Ass, X-Men: First Class and The Woman In Black to her name. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that she's in negotiations for Pinocchio, and if she comes on board, it's unlikely to be long before Burton and Downey Jr commit too.

The hope, of course, is that if Tim Burton does press ahead with Pinocchio, he finds more in the material than he did with both Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Alice In Wonderland. Both of those projects, come the final cut, felt like a real let down. Burton's more recent Frankenweenie, however, was something really very special.

The other hope is that this doesn't derail what Guillermo del Toro has planned - his Pinocchio is a film we're very, very keen to see.

More on both versions as we hear it.

The Hollywood Reporter.

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The Prestige and The Illusionist.

I'm not interested in seeing Tim Burton's Pinocchio. I've kind of never understood the appeal anyway, but as soon as you read 'Tim Burton's Pinocchio' I think you already know how it's going to look etc... I'd like to see Tim Burton challenging himself by not doing something quirky for once. I'm far more interested in the Guillermo Del Toro's idea for it, although having said that, I don't know why anyone thinks we need another version of this.

Miss the days when Burton made films that WEREN'T adaptations of something else. Beetlejuice, Scissorhands, Ed Wood, etc.

He's gone so far now that with Frankenweenie, he's even started adapting himself.
However, I'm taking it as a good sign that Johhny Depp's not attatched to this... Yet.

Jane is just a brilliant writer, everything she has put her name on has just came out brilliant. I trust her name on the film more than (sadly) Tim Burtons

Burton's problem seems to be a reliance on using pre-existing material. The list is pretty long when you look at it.

He's had a go at Alice, C&TCF, Dark Shadows, Batman (twice), Planet of the Apes, Sweeney Todd, even Sleepy Hollow can be counted in this list.

Now take those films and stack them against these: (in no particular order)

Frankenweenie, Beetlejuice, Nightmare Before Christmas (we'll count that!) , Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, Mars Attacks and Corpse Bride.

If both of those were box sets, which would you go and buy?

In that first list, only Sleepy Hollow is a darn good film, with the rest middling or muddled. Whilst in the second, Mars Attacks and Corpse Bride both have their problems, the over all quality is far, far higher.

So to hear Burton is once again turning to an existing tale for his next outing makes me less than thrilled. It just feels a waste.

The thing is that apparently, Alice in Wonderland made ALL of the money. So it's gonna be more adaptation ahoy-hoy.

I know, it's depressing. When I tried watching that I don't think I even made it to the wonderland part before I turned over.
I think maybe that terrible Planet of The Apes movie scared him off developing as a director. Too bad...


i hope Del Toro will make a Pinnochio. I could imagine him putting a macabre spin on it, turning it into a dark mythical fable. i actually just wish Del Toro sat in the directors chair a little more frequently

I don't think there is anything that could ever get me excited about a Tim Burton movie ever again. He's a glorified set designer and a one trick pony at that. making everything garish and foolish while sacrificing character and plot does not make you a good director

I get the feeling that del Toro is once again gonna have a great film proposal evaporate before him. So many of his awesome ideas haven't come to fruition (At the Mountains of Madness, The Hobbit...)

Mission to Mars vs. Red Planet and anyone else here have an unhealthy crush on jane goldman?

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