In memoriam: Philip Seymour Hoffman

News Ryan Lambie 2 Feb 2014 - 19:40

We're sad to report the passing of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman at the age of 46.

From his early film roles in Hard Eight and Boogie Nights to his recent appearance as Plutarch Heavensbee in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Philip Seymour Hoffman has repeatedly lit up the screen with his varied, committed performances.

How shocking and saddening it is, then, to report that the great actor has died at the tragically young age of 46.

Hoffman won an Oscar for his role Capote in 2005, but in truth, his work was never less than remarkable - whether in smaller supporting roles such as the obsequious manservant Brandt in The Big Lebowski, or the charismatic cult leader Lancaster Dodd in Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, he always found something engaging, surprising or plain mesmerising to bring to his characters.

Cinema's lost a uniquely talented actor for sure, and our thoughts go out to Hoffman's family and friends at this tragic time. 

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Once more someone has been taken far too soon. Such terrible, shocking news. He truly was one of the finest actors of all time.

That's two of the five Best Actor nominees from the 2005 Oscars taken from us now, bot through apparent drug overdose. Both were taken far too soon, and both deaths couldn't have been more unexpected.

It's a tragic loss, and I'm never going to stop admiring Hoffman for his various roles. He really was an utterly fantastic actor.

Rich in character understanding Hoffman should have worked more and indulged less. A truly sad day for humanity.

Best ones always leave us early.

Not wishing to be disrespectful in any way, but who was the other person?

Also, I think that Hoffman's best work was yet to come. A truly amazing talent.

The other one was Heath Ledger, but it was in 2005 I think...

It was Heath Ledger, for Brokeback Mountain.

In an industry where archetypal good looks and physique seem often to matter more than anything else, actors like Hoffman are few and far between.
The sheer weight of his talent made him famous and that's quite a rare thing these days.

I say 'actors like Hoffman' - but really there aren't any; I think it's fair to say he was a true original.
History will remember him as a superb actor and it's a terrible, terrible shame that he's gone so soon.

Ah, yes, sorry, got confused because Ledger died in 2008. Such terrible wastes of life.

My girlfriend and I were talking about the reddit thread earlier on "who would make the worst James Bond" and we were trying to think of the most unlikely actor. My girlfriend suggested Philip Seymour Hoffman but then we both instantly realised that he would probably have knocked it out of the park. Then logging in to facebook to see the mountain of RIP statuses and I couldn't believe it. A truly brilliant actor who will be sadly missed!

So sad and so shocking. He stole every scene in The Big Lebowski for me and given the calibre of his co-stars that was no mean feat.

Awful news, what a tremendous loss.
That obit bit at the Oscars is gonna run very very long this year.

This is terrible news, one of my favourite actors hands down. I agree with the sentiment here that his co-star roles were - for the most part - incredible, but his lead performances in films like Capote, Love Liza and the terminally unappreciated Synecdoche New York are astounding.

So Sad.Tragic news.I've really admired much of his work in disparate movies,he was such a versatile and accomplished character actor.Goodbye and thank you ,sir.Condolences to his family and colleagues.Gutted.

Terrible shocked by this loss.

For all the unique, rich performances he has given us, today what is most striking is the realisation of the hole which will never be filled and the future which was taken.

I would say you don't know what you've got until it's gone, but I think we all knew we had something special in Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

It's a real shame, especially if the reported cause of death turns out to be true. I really hate heroin, it's just one of those drugs that serves to do nothing but destroy. All the same, I feel for the guy. Addiction is never black and white and however irresponsible it is, these things can happen to the best of us. The fact that he was clean for over 20 years shows us that he was a tough and resilient guy who fought his demons and fought them hard. It's just a shame that this time it went wrong for him. I hope the film world gives him the credit he deserves for his work in future. I don't usually go in for the whole star on the Walk of Fame, but if anybody deserves to have their name preserved as a historical note, he's definitely a worthy candidate. A phenomenally talented man, and one that we were lucky to have for the amount of time that we did.

this is definitely the saddest news I've heard in a while. RIP to a very brilliant actor in our time. I wonder now what will become of Mockingjay, whether he had already finished filming his scenes or whether they'll have to recast etc...

We love you Philip!


It's just heartbreaking. His sweetness in "State and Main", his charm in "The Boat That Rocked". I was so looking forward to what might have been the best Lear ever. He reached in and showed us such profound humanity. I hate to think what darkness drove him back into the despair that makes heroin seem like the only way to solve it. I cannot believe we will never get to bask in his talent again.

I actually heard on Daybreak today 'Better known for the film Hunger Games...'

Dear 2014,
Please stop killing everyone. First James Avery (although that was New Year's Eve), then Roger Lloyd-Pack, and now Philip Seymour-goddamn-Hoffman.

This sucks, =/

Don't forget Maximillian Schell from The Black Hole among many movies who passed away a couple of days ago.


At the end of the day good actor or not, he was taking heroin. You reap what you sow,

Do you carry that sanctimoniousness around in a trolley all the time?

No but I can't stand all the eulogies for a smack head!!

That's not really the case. Heroin was originally a brand name for a specific type of therapeutic morphine. Opiates remain an extremely important drug saving an awful lot of people a great deal of agony. The reason its called drug 'abuse' is that there's a valid, and valuable use for morphine derivatives

You have to remember most people hero worship actors as if they were gods. Instead of people who act.

Yes, because heaven forbid people like a person for doing something that brings joy to their lives. Now I think about, writers are just people that put words together, musicians just pluck strings, poke keys or blow into stuff. And athletes? Pah! All they do is move their bodies. What's so special about that?!

And yet you appear to be a Sherlock fan, one of literature's more famous "junkies". Do enlighten us further on your insightful views into the nature of addiction and how it automatically disqualifies a person from empathy? I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm guessing that your keen insights are based on the 'just cheer up' school of treating mental illness and a good foundation of 'in my humble opinion'.

Firstly Sherlock isn't a real person, and secondly i don't watch Sherlock becaise he is off his head on Opium. I didn't realise that being a smackhead was a metal illness, I thought it was an addiction. Yes lets all write about he was a fantastic person, so fantastic he left a young family mourning him because he was so selfish and wanted to get high. Please take your head out of the clouds.

the "smackhead" was a human being. and one much beloved for his truly rich contributions to culture.

You are so far out of line it is repulsive.

you must be so much fun at dinner parties. do you have other misanthropic party tricks, or just the burn-in-hell-addicts vitriol?

I'm an absolute riot at dinner parties my small minded friend. You should see me at the ambassador's reception!!! Honestly pal have you swallowed a dictionary or are you over-compensating with big words. (which before you say anything, I do understand).

Well he was a smack head, and just because you like him doesn't mean he is beyond reproach. I don't like the fact people are glossing over the fact he was taking heroin and holding him up to be some sort of "messiah". So I find your views repulsive.

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