Disney remaking Pete's Dragon, director found

News Simon Brew
7 Apr 2014 - 06:25

The director of Ain't Them Bodies Saints is being lined up to helm the new take on Pete's Dragon for Disney...

Add another one to the pile of remakes making their way through the Hollywood system. Disney has been rumoured to be considering a new take on the live action/animation hybrid Pete's Dragon for a while now. The 1977 original, whilst fun, isn't generally regarded as a flat out Disney classic. But dragons are big business again now, and as such, it looks as if Pete's Dragon is being dusted down.

What's more, The Wrap is now reporting that an unusual choice of director is being lined up. David Lowery's most recent film was the crime thriller Ain't Them Bodies Saints, and he's also linked with The Yellow Birds, an adaptation of Kevin Powers' book about an army machine gunner in Iraq. 

Lowery, though, was already attached to co-write the screenplay for the new Pete's Dragon, and now he's in talks to direct as well. Toby Halbrooks has been working on the script with him.

It's unclear when Disney is looking to line Pete's Dragon up for, but we'll keep you posted...

The Wrap.

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