Lovely first teaser for the Peanuts movie

Trailer Simon Brew 19 Mar 2014 - 06:42

Snoopy arrives on the big screen at the end of 2015 in the Peanuts movie. And we've got a taste of it here...

Heading to cinemas in 2015 from Blue Sky Studios (that's the firm that makes the Ice Age and Rio movies) is a big animated film based around Charles Schulz's Peanuts.

In truth, when the film was first revealed, we were a little nonplussed. We've seen the bastardisation of lots of things we love in the desire to fit the family movie template. But we were surprised when we took a look at this brief trailer for the film, that manages to keep the visual spirit of the original, in spite of the transition to CG animation.

There's clearly a long way to go here - the film isn't due until October 2015 - but so far, it's hard to grumble. Peanuts is being directed by Steve Martino (who was one of the directors of the wonderful Horton Hears A Who), and here's that first teaser trailer...

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Why on earth would a Peanuts film need to be in 3D?


I'm normally a proponent of 3D movies, but I'm with you on this one. I find that for many movies - especially more action oriented ones like the recent comic book inspired fare and, of course, CG animated movies - 3D gives an extra bit of depth to the proceedings. It's very hard to define, but having seen many of these movies in both 2D and 3D I can say that the 2D definitely lacks that extra edge.

(The preceeding message was entirely opinion and in no way based on empirical fact. Please feel free to vehemently disagree and tell me all about headaches and how 3D is a fad, that's always fun ;D)

In this, though, I can see the 3D being not so great an idea. The 2D stylings on CG animation is a little odd to begin, but I can see that working in the movie's favour. It is hard to beat a little visual oddity when it is done well as this appears to be, but put it all in 3D and I think that oddness may overpower the charm of it.

Haven't had had a chance to look at the clip, but going off the picture at the top I have to ask. Has snoopy had a stroke in this?

love it ! im going to see this regardless as its my childhood!!

Can't put my finger on it, exactly, but Snoopy looks a little "off" at the :47 mark. However, overall, he looks good and it is an adorable little scene at the end. Very sweet.

Looks really good.

Very unique style of animation which I am very happy about. I was worried they were going to do to this what they did with The Smurfs, live action with a CGI dog or something (I know its not the same studio). Also it could have ended up looking like every other Disney/Pixar animation which is fine, but I have issues when it comes to making a 2-D cartoon look 3-D.

Nice to see a studio try something new!

To be honest I'm not digging the textures at all. I don't mind that they're going for a vaguely claymation-like style, but the semi-realistic flesh-tones with blushing makes for a slight uncanny valley-esque feeling, which I felt really hurt the visual look of Paranorman. I'm also reminded of the type of photoshop-portraits where a cartoony character is rendered as a real person.

It's probably my age, but I'm missing the look from all the TV specials over the decades...

I feel that the ones made in the 1960's have aged the best, because they feel more timeless and don't follow too many trends of the period.

I was deeply cynical when I saw the still frame, but after seeing it in motion I think it looks rather nice

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