Pixar short Party Central to play in front of The Muppets Most Wanted

News Ryan Lambie
3 Feb 2014 - 10:35

Thinking of seeing The Muppets Most Wanted at the cinema in March? Then you'll also get a Monsters University short thrown in, too...

If last summer's Monsters University left you craving just a little more from Mike and Sulley, there's good news: Pixar's six-minute short, Party Central, will be playing in front of The Muppets Most Wanted when it arrives in cinemas in a few weeks' time.

The short film sees Mike and Sulley make a misfiring attempt to throw a party at their university frat house, and forced to throw open some inter-dimensional doors to liven things up when their intended guests fail to arrive.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Party Central was initially planned as an extra feature for Monsters University's home release, before the decision was made to put it on the big screen. Given the similarly colourful nature of the Muppets movies, the pairing's a logical one.

There's also a lovely still image from the short, which you can see in full below these very words.

The Muppets Most Wanted is out in UK cinemas on the 28th March. 

Entertainment Weekly

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