Paranormal Activity 5 on the way

News Simon Brew 22 Oct 2012 - 06:37

No surprise here: the box office success of Paranormal Activity 4 quickly paves the way for Paranormal Activity 5...

Well, let's safely declare that this one's hardly a surprise. The Paranormal Activity films have always been very, very cheap to make, and this past weekend, Paranormal Activity 4 shot to the top of the US box office with an opening weekend of $30.2m.

That number means two things. Firstly, that it's a no-brainer for Paramount to press ahead with a fifth film. Paranormal Activity 5 is now being scheduled for next October. A Latino spin-off movie is also pressing ahead.

Secondly, though, there are real signs that the franchise has slowed in popularity. The opening weekend gross of Paranormal Activity 4 is well down on that for Paranormal Activity 3 ($52.6m) and Paranormal Activity 2 ($40.7m). Given that the fourth film, despite the occasional strong moment, feels like that the box of tricks is nearly empty, that might not be too much of a surprise. However, it does leave it on an interesting moment. We're not spoiling it, but if that ending is pursued, and there's a willingness to shake up the style of the movies a little, there may yet be a way to inject life into the franchise.

As it stands, it's hard not to see Paranormal Activity 5 witnessing declining returns once again, and perhaps bringing the series to a close. But then, they are remarkably economical to make - Paranormal Activity 4 reportedly cost just $5m to make, before marketing costs...


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What. A. Shocker.

It's getting ridiculous now. A format that worked and could have gone down in history as a great horror trilogy, has been ruined by the Hollywood fat cats. 'PA' will now go down in history as been the horror equivalent to Police Academy.

Hollywood, please stop ruining a good thing for profit and remember that the industry should have SOME artistic merit.

If those numbers are true then more movies will be a no-brainer if they can turn $5m into $50m.

The only hope for innovation is if they give the helm to up-and-coming writers and directors looking to make a name for themselves rather than following the playbook and picking up their cheques.

I agree, the numbers speak for themselves. I just wish they would leave some things alone. Or at least just make NEW films and stop raping franchises.

If they do enough of these films won't the activity end up being normal?

Wow, the exact same movie 5 years in a row. It's the new Saw.

I cant wait for 'Paranormal Activity 7: More of the Same, But now it's in Space'.

I'm as uninterested in this as i was about the 2, 3, and 4.
I once read someone refer to the original as "the world's longest screamer video".
I couldn't agree more...

A lot of hate for the PA franchise then. A slight downward curve in the films, maybe, but I'll take these over most of the other "horror" offerings of the last few years any day. At least it's not a group of impossibly attractive college students being thick in an isolated cabin, or some other such turgid dross. Even Women In Black was hugely overrated.

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