New red band trailer for Michael Bay's Pain And Gain

Trailer Simon Brew 27 Mar 2013 - 07:03

Michael Bay's Pain & Gain arrives late next month, with Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg on board. Here's the new trailer...

If you've been waiting for Michael Bay to put Transformers to the side, and get back to something closer to The Rock, Bad Boys and Armageddon, then Pain & Gain may be your best bet for the immediate future.

You don't have to go far into this red band trailer for Pain & Gain to get a fair smattering of Bay-isms, and there appears to be a bloody big plane in the middle of all of this. But there's a sense too that he's handling an ensemble well for comedy purposes again, as he did in the first half of Armageddon.

The cast helps of course, and Pain & Gain's line-up includes Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, Rebel Wilson, Ken Jeong, Ed Harris and Anthony Mackie.

Note that this is very much a red band trailer, with rude words, bits of flesh and exploding things. If you're at an impressionable age, we know we can rely on you not to hit the play button below.

For everyone else? Here's how Pain & Gain is shaping up...

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I hope this is as good as the trailer suggests. Low brow action comedy with slow mo's swearing and churches as backdrops!

Judging from this trailer, Michael Bay may have managed to make his second best film.

(The Rock being his only good film, ironic that The Rock is now in this)

this actually looks funny as hell hope it is good!

Wasn't expecting it, but I had to laugh. + Still not a frame of Yolanthe Cabau-Sneijder, thankfully!

michael bay shouldnt be allowed to put jokes into his movie.

HAHAHAHA! I can't wait for'd at Wahlberg at the end

Fat Amy and Rob Corddry? Sold. Pleased DoG is championing this one too, encouraging Bay to go back to basics is the way forward. It's way better than him ordering massive explosions to try and distract folk away from his tiny penis.

So chicks in bikinis, making fun of fat women, and making fun of midgets, plus lots of car chases and explosions...sounds like the male equivalent of a chick flick, and I'll pass. (and I love half naked chicks but can get those anywhere).

That actually was a lot funnier than I was expecting. Could be a pretty decent film

I'm not a prude, I just don't like giving Michael Bay money for titty shots and explosions.

flinched at the toe thing, and Wahlberg was just brilliant:
'i see your mom driving up and down the street looking at me, i'll be your stepfather by the weekend' MWHAHAHAHA

that is in no way ironic

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