Colin Firth quits Paddington movie

News Simon Brew
18 Jun 2014 - 06:40

Paddington Bear needs a new voice, as Colin Firth departs the upcoming movie...

Last week, the first full trailer for the Paddington movie was release. In case you missed it, we've popped it at the bottom of this story.

One notable thing about said trailer is that it didn't let us hear the voice of Paddington. At least not yet. But then we've now learned that there's been a change of personnel in Paddington's voicebox. Colin Firth has long been linked with the project, but it's now been revealed that he's dropping out of the movie, six months before its release.

This isn't that unusual when it comes to animated characters, and it still leaves a lot more time than the Despicable Me 2 team had when Al Pacino left that film weeks before release (Benjamin Bratt ultimately stepped in). But still, it's a surprise, and a bit of a shame. No replacement has thus far been announced. We're thus preparing our audition tape. Paddington Bear should, after all, have a Midlands accent...

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