Colin Firth quits Paddington movie

News Simon Brew 18 Jun 2014 - 06:40

Paddington Bear needs a new voice, as Colin Firth departs the upcoming movie...

Last week, the first full trailer for the Paddington movie was release. In case you missed it, we've popped it at the bottom of this story.

One notable thing about said trailer is that it didn't let us hear the voice of Paddington. At least not yet. But then we've now learned that there's been a change of personnel in Paddington's voicebox. Colin Firth has long been linked with the project, but it's now been revealed that he's dropping out of the movie, six months before its release.

This isn't that unusual when it comes to animated characters, and it still leaves a lot more time than the Despicable Me 2 team had when Al Pacino left that film weeks before release (Benjamin Bratt ultimately stepped in). But still, it's a surprise, and a bit of a shame. No replacement has thus far been announced. We're thus preparing our audition tape. Paddington Bear should, after all, have a Midlands accent...

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This looks horrible

*Insert 'raping my childhood' rant here*

I don't understand why Rich Millyard's childhood has been raped here. Surely after watching this trailer my own childhood is still doing well; very innocent and all.

Dear god. It's like Mr Bean in a bear suit

Joe Pasquale would be perfect. Who's with me?

That's a damn shame. I could totally picture Paddington with Firth's charming and polite voice.

He probably saw the trailer and thought 'sheesh, no thanks, I've got a reputation to keep'

Firth probably saw this trailer and ran.

Hat? Randomly off and on.
Coat? Nope.
Marmalade sandwiches? Nope.

Hugh Bonneville is wishing this was all 3D animation now, so he could do a runner on it too. As Ben Ash said, it's Mr Bean with a bear.

Mine too. I realized long ago that childhood experiences can't be
retro-actively ruined, in the same way that no adaptation can ever
destroy the original.

Why Zorba's Dance?

I know two children aged 5 and 3 that would adore that! #TargetAudience

I think it stems from that South Park episode where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg rape Indiana Jones. While I understand the sentiment I too agree with Mara below. I have stayed philosophical and my childhood loves have stayed in my childhood. If anything will make money they will remake/rehash/reboot/restart it. Best deal with it and just not give them any of your money :)

OK, let's play "most fun and also inappropriate replacement voice actor for Paddington". My votes would be for Kiefer Sutherland, Werner Herzog or Christopher Walken. Curveball: Michael Smiley.

Arnie! "Get to da Marwww-malaaaaade sannnndwichezzs!"

come on Hiddles

You could quote virtually all his lines from "Kindergarten Cop" :P

Do you wear a coat or eat marmalade sandwiches when you're in the bathroom?

Personally, I think this looks great, and it's only a teaser trailer really. We've seen Paddington in one (and a bit) scenes. I'm sure that the moment he puts on the coat will be very exciting and god forbid anyone gets in the way of my flailing arms as he eats that first marmalade sandwich. Can't wait for this.

You don't?

Bobcat Goldthwait doing the Zed from Police Academy voice.

I was going to make that joke...
Now I've got a song that'll get on your nerves stuck in my head!

Sean Connery: "Shandwichesh, Marmalade Shandwichesh"

There's some strange people who don't take Marmalade sandwiches wherever they go. It's a sad lonely fringe of society.

I made the same joke on The Mail site (I know, I know) and everybody took it seriously. Obviously a better class of reader here such as your good self. Oh yes.

He was in the 2003 Hope Springs film with Heather Graham and Minnie Driver. I don't think it was reputation that drove him off the project.

Even better!

To be fair, "working" with Heather Graham would tempt most.

2 Points added for making that joke on The Mail site, 3 points deducted for being on The Mail's site to begin with. 2 points added for realising there's a better class of reader here.

Total Points +1!

The minus 3 points is harsh but justified.I always feel dirty and wash both my hands and keyboard after going on that rags site. Cheers!

For serendipity's sake, it should be Jeremy Clarkson.

I'm surprised by this though, because I thought it was more common for the voice acting to be done ahead of the animation...apparently not!


I would love it if Steven Ogg wcast as Paddington after all this. I could imagine Trevor Phillips style growls coming out of Paddington.

Great! teach kids to put things in their ears and their heads in toilet water.
This has none of the charm of the original.

Ray Winstone, no contest =P

This has been up for over a day and no-one's suggested The Stath?

It can however tarnish a character for future generations (although personally can we stop using the word 'rape'?)

Not necessarily in the long run, because they can discover these characters again on their own. The collective memory is roughly two years, which applies especially well to all pop culture, so nothing is really being tarnished for more than a few years at a time.

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