First trailer lands for Paddington movie

Trailer Simon Brew 5 Mar 2014 - 06:10

Colin Firth, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins and Peter Capaldi feature, as Paddington goes to the movies...

Heading into cinemas on November 28th this year is the first big screen adventure for Paddington Bear. His film goes simply by the name Paddington, and it's going to be a mix of live action and CG.

Colin Firth will be providing the voice of Paddington, and the film's cast includes Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Julie Walters, Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent and the mighty Peter Capaldi. Paul King directs. And a first teaser trailer for the film has landed, which you can see below. It's quieter than the Transformers 4 trailer too, which we've also posted today.

More on Paddington closer to the time...

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After the Postman Pat Movie trailer, this can do very little to surprise me - it'll need to be special level of awful and unnecessary to...well, to ever make me FEEL anything ever again.

Agreed. The Postman Pat trailer is offensive on a level that I personally wasn't prepared for, until I saw it again in the cinema, where you can't escape, followed by the trailer for the Pudsey movie (David Walliams as the voice of the dog that won Britain's Got Talent - films should just stop now, I think, before more people get hurt). Thank God the film that followed was The Lego Movie.

lol..that's the platform that takes you to West Drayton. Paddington, do NOT get on that train!

I like paddington, he's great in book form, and even his T.V appearances but a film, now that might be stretching things a tad too far. Let's see now, shall I see this at the cinema - nope, DVD - nope, TV at Chritmas with my kids - maybe, but only if its freeview.

They have made a Pudsey movie?

Oh dear God.

Christ, that CGI looks AWFUL.

So Paddington is an illegal immigrant huh? Picked a fine time to come here, what with anti immigration feelings running high and people pretending they will vote for UKIP.

No no no. Paddington Bear does not need a villain. It doesn't need to be set in 2014, it needs to be set in pre-Thatcher England of tweed and pipes and British Rail.

The cast looks lovely and if Michael Hordern insists on remaining dead, it's as good as I'd hope for, but really... I'm worried about this more than seems normal.

I really hope this doesn't become the UK equivalent of Garfield. PB means too much to me for that to happen.

they made a Pudsey movie, with a TALKING DOG, Why am I not not watching this movie RIGHT NOW, the movie better have other talking animal characters.

Beloved BBC children's classic updated with what seems like a decent cast but also a decision to switch from stop-frame animation to CGI?
It's The Magic Roundabout all over again...

Huh? What CGI? Those two seconds of Paddington looking out of his bag? Looked fine to me. Much nicer than the CG in any other Live-Action / CG Mix so far (I mean stuff like the smurfs, garfield, the chipmunks and that easterbunny film here, not the Hobbit, or Avatar..)

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