Guillermo del Toro on Pacific Rim 2

News Simon Brew 9 Jun 2014 - 06:49

Pacific Rim 2 will be a sequel not a prequel, Guillermo del Toro confirms, as he gives an update on the project...

It was an uphill slog for a while, but Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim eventually made $400m at the global box office, and a few quid more when it landed on DVD and Blu-ray. As such, there's been chat about a sequel for a few months now, with del Toro admitting that he's developing one.

Chatting to Buzzfeed whilst promoting his incoming TV series The Strain, del Toro admitted that he's been working on a screenplay. "I'm working very, very hard with Zak Penn", del Toro said. "We've been working for a few months now in secret. We found a way to twist it around".

He also revealed that original screenwriter Travis Beacham - who worked on the storyline for Pacific Rim 2 - is no longer directly involved, because he "has become a TV mogul".

del Toro confirmed that the planned story for Pacific Rim 2 would involve both Charlie Hunnam's Raleigh and Mako Mori's Rinko. "Some people were wondering if we were going to do the prequel", del Toro noted, adding "I was never interested in doing that first wave of invasion". He also teased that "I'm going for very new, very crazy ideas on the second one".

Pacific Rim 2 hasn't been given a greenlight yet. But perhaps once del Toro is done and dusted with his upcoming horror movie Crimson Peak, he may get the chance to make it.


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What was that he said about Hellboy 3? Oh, damn, nothing at all...

"Charlie Hunnam's Raleigh and Mako Mori's Rinko"

"I'm working very, very hard" yeah right. to make the second one even more predictable than first? 4 retarded doctors in stead of two? more Michael Bay style interactions between human characters? more main character deaths that you can predict in like first 5 min in film? I don't see a problem guys, I can pen the script like this in one weekend and for free.

I'd much rather see GDT doing other things. Pacific Rim just isn't that good.

I'd rather see At the Mountains of Madness, but I suppose that's never going to happen now... sob sob

I like Del Toro movies but was surprisingly underwhelmed by Pacific Rim. Not awful but dull. Doubtful a sequel would get my money.

I'll add my 'meh' to this news.
Just caught up with Pacific Rim at the weekend and...totally underwhelming.

Maybe in the cinema, and assuming you hadn't seen any previous films involving giant robots/monsters bashing seven shades of shite out of each other, this might have been more engaging, but I doubt it.
Trouble is I think VFX are now at the stage where directors are pretty much able to create anything they want, it's no longer sufficient to look good - there has to be an engaging story/interesting characters etc (y'know STORY) and with Rim this just wasn't the case. The initial premise was OK, but the whole thing just unspooled in such a predictable way I lost interest.

Not sure why del Toro seems to struggle so much with English language films, whereas his Spanish language films are superb - even Hellboy (which I reallly, REALLY wanted to love) was just good. Again, it looked great (and actually had decent characters) but just didn't really engage. IMO anyway

I agree with others. He should 100% put Pacific Rim to rest and look at giving us what we all really want........ Hell Boy 3 or, joy upon joy upon joy if it ever gets made, At the Mountains of Madness.

Blame the studios for that!

Yeah, they had del Toro, Jim Cameron producing and starring Tom Cruise and they STILL didn't want to make it. H.P. Lovecraft must be spinning in his Elder God-shaped coffin.

I thought the first one was a fun film and I'll happily go see the second one.

Lol, I for one would like to watch robots REPEATEDLY punching monsters in the face, and if they are going to interrupt that mind tingling monotony for anything, then let's make sure it's to show robots throwing monsters into soft water.

Loved Pacific Rim. Loved every single minute of it. Love the design of everything in it too. I'm at a total loss as to why people are so down on it.

blame the budget he insisted on

Great to hear a sequel is being worked on, hopefully it will be as badass as the first. Here's hoping Lionsgate greenlights it soon.

I can't decide if all the tacky, obvious cliche characters are intentional – they must be, surely, as they are so overtly ridiculous at times.
I personally love the film. It's great to look at and it doesn't care it plays dumb at times.

I absolutely loved the first one but I'm not sure a sequel is necessary?

Michael Bay style interactions? One of the many things that sets this well above Bay's films is the character interactions.

I liked Pacific Rim. I was so dissapointed with Godzilla. For a sequel I want to see a stylish Jaeger swing and throw a fat Godzilla into outer space like a hammer toss.

You should have seen it at the cinema.

Sorry, but I don't see how that would have improved the plot, direlogue, (lack of) characterisation?

I may be wrong but I don't think the budget was as big a problem as the fact that he insisted that it must be done as a R rated horror and would not budge. He may be right, and I'd definitely see it, but it all comes to cramming as many people into see the movie as possible and an R rating restricts that. At least until the DVD release. Might have needed a bit more compromise on budget versus rating.

yeah, nowadays, no movie with any real sort of budget can have a R. It's a shame adults aren't more willing to go to the cinema. I've been doing a nostalgia run of horror movies from my youth, in the 80s, and I am constantly surprised at how many of them are rated R. Now sometimes, stuff then that was R would no longer be R, yet it does show such a stark difference in what can be shown to the movie going public, and who they are. The same goes for suspense/crime thrillers and action movies. R was the norm at one time.

In the case of Del Toro's proposed film, even if it had been pg, the budget he wanted was so extravagant, unheard of for any horror film. And Del Toro simply does not have the box-office clout in any genre. His biggest movies were The Hellboy franchise and they were barely scraping by. Pacific Rim, a much more palatable family friendly monsters versus mecha faltered in the US. It's unclear to me, what with how international deals go, whether it turned out to be in the green. It certainly wasn't a runaway hit. Del Toro is one of my very favourite directors--i treasure his films and listening to him dissect them on the dvd releases. But I recognise fool's dreams. I guess he just kept figuring if they gave schlockmeister Jackson all those bags of money, maybe. . .

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