Pacific Rim: what did you think?

News Den Of Geek 12 Jul 2013 - 07:12

Spoilers allowed here! Come in and share your thoughts on Guillermo del Toro's new film, Pacific Rim...

Arguably the gamble of the summer, Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim has now arrived in cinemas across the world, off the back of generally positive reviews. Written off in some quarters prior to its release as a box office flop (we're not quite sure how that works, but there you go), its fate now lies in the hands of moveigoers across the planet.

And if you're one of those who has seen the film, then welcome to our place that we've opened up for spoiler-filled discussion about it. So, with a heavy spoiler warning, if you've seen Pacific Rim, share your thoughts on it below. If you want to...

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Deserves a sequel. Well worth the theater money, but maybe not the 3D

Pacific Rim was...

A great time at the movies!
Guillermo hit this one out of the park IMO. It's every bit of the
fun,throwback summer blockbuster that I hoped it would be. The movie
held true to my previous vibe of an "Independence Day esque tale of
mankind on the brink" wrapped around the Mecha vs. Kaiju sub-genre. But a
bit more visceral IMO. It sets up the world,the players within that
world and then moves forward with a well paced sense of urgency that
goes by briskly for its 2 hours 13 minutes running time. Unlike the two
and a half hour Lone Ranger that felt like three and a half (chore like)

With all the Star Wars comparisons floating around some
areas of the internet (there is a quick early nod via dialouge to SW in PR) and
hyperbolic praises aside (mine included)...I loved this movie. It
reminded me of this blurb from a guy who watched a lot of movies and
wrote about them...

"It's not what a movie is about, it's how it is about it" - Roger Ebert

Rim is "about it" superbly and delivers big time on exactly what it
sets out to do. I think Pacific Rim will be an
"imprint movie" for some folk (sure, mainly of the 5-13 range) as it
brought back a similar feeling I got from certain movies of the past.
I’ll just say this,if I was my 15 year old self that saw T2 seven times
that summer of ‘91,plus my 23 year old self that saw The Matrix seven times
that spring of ‘99, I would see Pacific Rim seven times in the theater as
well. It hits all the right notes and the audience I saw it with fully
embraced those notes del Toro was playing. The many "Oooo's &
ahhh's","Oh shit's & "oh no's",laughing,and clapping en-masse at all
the right times. I will be enjoying this movie for years to come.

3-D was good (the Dolby Atmos sound was EXCELLENT) and in particular sequences/shots it really adds to the scale of
the movie. I'm still going to see this again in 2-D because I just like 2-D

*Stick around for a "mid ending credits" scene. Guillermo's
ending credits "thank you" to James Cameron,Ray Harryhausen and Ishiro
Honda were cool as well. Great job Guillermo!

cool man, i look forward to it then

takes its time to get going and its nothing if not cliched and predictable but I went in for robots fighting giant transdimensional sea monsters and it didnt scrimp and save on that front. Looks beautiful too and I really want a Gipsy Danger toy.

Dope movie with great pacing. Scenes changed just before they'r about to get tedious. Pretty bummed the Chinese and Russian jaegers are wiped so quick though I hoped to see them stomp out a few kaiju before going down. Especially the Russians. That mech was awesome.

If I had been twelve years old, I really think that I would have left the theatre thinking that was the greatest movie ever made. The wonder of Godzilla, the technical concepts of Thunderbirds, and the morality of a 50's war film. It really was all rather excellent.

Let's hope we get a sequel or follow-up - I can't wait to see to see a rebuilt Gipsy Danger.

This crazy movie actually seems pretty damn interesting ...

Hello younger audience. Did you know that not all blockbusters have to feature a brooding, humourless murderer who's trying to 'find' himself in somewhere really cold, just so he can shave his beard off and get back to killing people? Sometimes, movies can actually be FUN, and not be the first step towards self harming.

Fun. Like Pacific Rim. It was like Armageddon meets er, Armageddon. With a dash of Independence Day. I sat there with a silly grin as the spectacularly animated giants slugged it out while blokes off Eastenders, Luther, Torchwood and Sons of Anarchy delivered dialogue cut from really nice cheese. Enjoyed seeing Del Toro regulars too. If anyone was a weak link it was probably Idris Elba, who tries to go all Al Pacino and randomly shout parts of his lines. I also liked how it was an inclusive story, like A New Hope. Couple more wouldn't hurt, right?

Amazing film with nods to so much. I did enjoy the scenes lifted straight from ID4 a bit too much

Well went to see it today in 3D apart from the baby. It was a great film. Like my nephew said 7/10 because of the baby and the 3D. otherwise he would say 9/10

Don't take babies to see movies. Please. For the rest of us.

Loved it. My son loved it as well, we went to see it in Imax 3D - Don't feel it was used as well as it could have been, but other than that no complaints at all. Good old fashioned summer fun movie. Not once did I look at my watch, that says it all fr me.

Upon Leaving the cinema one small boy's comment sums it up. 'I didnt understand the story, but it had robots and was great' Priceless!

A very good movie, though I do think most of the acting was poor, with the exception of Rinko Kikuchi and Idris Elba, who were fantastic. I don't think the film will go down in history, but I certainly enjoyed myself, and for that reason I would definitely recommend it!

I loved it!

Was it cliched? Yep!
Was it predictable? Sure!
Was it pure awesome fun? Hell yes!

Like I told someone, it's not Shakespeare, but I wasn't expecting it. It lived in its world and the world, much like Del Toro's worlds are just a bit darker, but full of heroes! It had great nods to all manner of old Japanese animation, monster movies, and yes even ID4. Visually, it was far better than Bay's Transformers movies. The Jaegers were not piles of scrap metal. They had personal touches and a purpose.

The only thing I will complain about, as others have, is the scrapping of Cherno Alpha and Crimson Typhoon. I wanted to see more robot beatings. Wanna see it again though!

It was definitely style over substance... but when you compare it to dreck like Transformers, it was a masterpiece. And even when not compared to Transformers, it's still awesome.

The writing is alright, the acting isn't bad, but the creatures and fights are absolutely amazing.

Guillermo del Toro never disappoints, and Pacific Rim is no exception.

You have to remember that American films will always portray the Americans as superior to anyone else, especially countries set to rival them on the world stage. So of course the Chinese and Russian machines were rubbish. USA! USA!

This was an outstanding movie. References abound to all sorts of Mech/Kaiju media (old and new) and my son and I spent two hours after the movie discussing just those. The acting was good enough to do the job, though the actress who played the little girl version of Mako was so good it brought a needed emotional connection to the adult character. Is this a movie with a message that will change the world, no way! And...who cares? There are far more than enough of those. This movie raises summer popcorn fluff to its own version of art....

Don't forget that they were probably made in China...

I really don't think it was that jingoistic - plus the US mech is by far the least advanced tech there. It was for the purposes of the drama, but it was a shame to see such lovely designs and fighting styles lost in such a short fashion. Cherno Alpha was absolutely brutal...

enjoyed the film for the most part but thought the ending was rubbish (too much like indepenence day) and was sorely dissapointed at how underused the chinese and russian jaegers were

Yeah the Russian mech was definitely my favorite, had that Juggernaut vibe I figured it'd be the one taking on two Kaiju at once to buy the others time or something, going down like Pippin in Berserk. Maybe if there's a sequel we'll see some dope upgraded versions.

I can see the Juggernaut thing - plus did you see that its fists had rams on it to add a harder hit to the punches? It did go down pretty gloriously though - getting torn apart by two Kaiju is pretty harsh. It was just such a shame we never really knew it - especially after it was so famed! (no breaches in six years? How many Kaiju had it taken down then? Dozens?)

Literally just got back.

I was really unimpressed to be honest. Yes the monsters/robots looked awesome, but I'd seen all that in the trailer. The acting across the board was pretty terrible and I just didn't care about any of the characters (apart from Idris Elba, he did a good job with the 'way too serious' script).

I don't know, it just left me really bored for a lot of it, and it seemed to lack the 'size' of say, Transformers.

got back from seeing it a few hours ago, and il be honest...thought it was rubbish.

visually the film was excellent, the fights were good and better than the fights in transformers because you could actually tell what was going on.
it just wasn't enough to salvage what was terrible acting of a terrible script.
monsters - good, robots - good. but other than that, think battleship with a bigger budget.

It was one topless volleyball screen away from being a Top Gun remake.

Right first of I thought the film was awesome to look at and on the whole a good film. But I was so annoyed by the ending. The twist was they needed a monster to get through the portal but once they were done they floated back through in their escape pods. This was a blatant undermining of the films inner logic, something that is important in a film like this, as we buy into this world being portrayed, for the sake of the film having a happy ending! This caused me to leave the film angry despite enjoying everything coming before it. Please tell me I'm not alone in this feeling of annoyance?

Loved it. Since I was a kid I've always wanted to see Optimus Prime battle Godzilla, and this is as near as I'll ever get. It was fun, loud, epic and really, REALLY nice to look at. Charlie Day was great, proving there's a fine line between intelligence and MENTALISM and the jaeger designs were top notch.

The only problems I had were that (as mentioned above) the Chinese and Russian crews were dispatched a little too quickly, and that Charlie Hunnam isn't a leading man. He walks like a rapper, has the same dopey look on his face at all times, and even looks to be grabbing his crotch in one scene! Awful.
That's a personal gripe, however, and the film is just so spectacular that it's a minor one. I'm still buzzing after seeing it this afternoon and can't sleep. It's that good.

I agree, but you kind of lost me with the comparison to Armageddon. The difference is Pacific Rim is both fun AND a well crafted movie, and Michael Bay's movies just... aren't. He has no idea how to direct these kinds of films.

...Unless the film is rated 'U', and even then, don't!

Forget Transformers, the comparison we should be making is to the original Star Wars. Pacific Rim isn't going to have anywhere close to the cultural impact of that film, but they do share a lot of the same creative DNA.

The biggest thing they have in common? Sincerity. Del Toro clearly loves giant monster movies and really understands what makes those kinds of films appeal to people, much like Lucas did with the pulp sci-fi of his youth. There's no moral ambiguity, no grand political statement and no grim, ponderous brooding. There's just heroic characters banding together to do heroic things. And by heroic things, I mean getting in their giant robot suits and punching giant monsters in the face. It's the kind of optimistic, borderline naive, stance that we don't often see in these kinds of big blockbusters anymore. Pacific Rim has taken the monster of irony and deconstruction and ripped it a new one.

And I suppose it goes without saying, but my god the giant monster battles are unparalleled. This film takes large scale action and turns it into a work of art.

Both films have an imminent armageddon as their main theme, neither film is too fussy about killing off their heroes and both embraced the cheese. Although it's possible Bay made his third feature just to annoy scientists. Geologists in particular. Bay recently clarified that he didn't see Del Toro's film as a rip off and he's still proud of his critically mauled movie. It gave JJ Abrams an early writing job too, so it wasn't all bad. Why they used a smaller drill first is anyone's guess. Dumbasses.

Both films are coming from a similar place creatively, but I just think Del Toro really gets how to put a big film like this together in a way Bay doesn't. Bay's action scenes are incoherent, poorly paced and repetitive, and his films are usually overlong and filled with inane padding and puerile comic relief scenes. Not to say that his films can't be enjoyable, it's just that his craft... needs work.

Best film i have seen in a long time... its been out 4 days and i have seen it twice!! enough said!

I was disappointed. The special effects were awesome, the monsters were great (how the cloverfield monster SHOULD have been!), the robots were fantastic, the colours were bright and vivid and made it feel really futuristic, and the overall direction was very good.

But the story, the acting, the casting, the script, the huge plot holes - all ruined it. And yes, sure, some people go to see a movie just to see huge stuff fighting, but for me, you can show me all the explosions you like and the story is rubbish, it just drags the film down.

The casting: Owen from Torchwood seemed to be doing a bad Lee Evans impression, as though he wanted to take the piss out of the British and be the comedy character. Charlie Day was dreadful as the geek scientist. Idris Elba - what was that accent? Is that how he normally talks? It was like he was not sure if he wanted to do a bad american accent or a bad british accent, so just hopped from one to the other, whilst showing no real acting talent at all. The only decent actor in the whole movie was Ron Perlman, who was genuinely interesting and amusing.

The plot was so full of holes Im surprised they didnt use it as a net to fish the monster up - Cancelling the program so we can build a wall, without even testing it? The whole world relying on a small group of 10+ people in a warehouse with hardly any guns? The fact that one scientist is the only one working on it in the entire planet? They ban him from melding with the thing despite its obvious tactical advantage? The way they cant drop a bomb without having the DNA, but they can come back out with any? The way they can build robots whose guns can kill the the things, but they only give them one, in the chest? Instead they give them a sword.... what??

And everything was so blatantly obvious. I cant count the times I guessed exactly what would happen, or said "Well theres a surprise" out loud everytime they got in trouble and miraculously had exactly what they needed at hand.

And what was with Rinko Kikuchi? She goes mental and almost kills everyone in the program and then everyone looks surprised when they drop her? Jeez, she should be in a mental centre or arrested, not just dropped back in!

I was just reminded of a SyFy channel movie through most of it. I wouldnt have been surprised if Debby Harry and Tiffany had appeared at one point with a giant Crocosharkasaurus in tow.

Gah, it was just annoying. And please don't say it was only a sci-fi action movie and doesn't need to have a decent plot, script or acting. Aliens was just an action movie. Star Wars was just an action movie. The Matrix was just an action movie. Terminator 1 and 2 were just action movies, and so on. Pacific Rim was no better than Transformers, it just had better camera work and monsters.

I see no problem with the DNA thing, its like my front door, I need a key to get in the house but not to get out, simple.

I presume he was talking about baby that the scientists mind-melded with...

I really enjoyed Pacific Rim but I hated Armageddon, just unfunny cheese of the highest order.

His first entries to each series tend to be more character-centic. Smaller, less meaning more. I haven't seen Pain and Gain yet but I had hoped it'd be closer to the first Bad Boys rather than the bloated excesses of the second.

I'm not sure what I would want from a second Pacific Rim. I thought Del Toro had a good handle on the pace and number of fights.

The story was super predictable, but it was a ton of fun. Really well directed too, Michael Bay should take notes from this film on how to handle robot combat in his own films... Also, it probably has the best usage of 3D I've seen from a film in at least two years.

I loved it but I disliked how a lot of the fighting took place at night, never got a really good bright look at the robots. Probably on purpose to make the monsters scarier, I can see how a well lit monster is less scary than a shadowy monster.

The movie was very wet, a lot of water and a lot of rain. I really had to pee when it was over.

I'm poking holes here, but I don't understand why they only used robots against the monsters. Why not use monsters and planes, bombs, etc? Seems like missiles would have been effective too.

Also for their plan to engage the monsters underwater by the rift, why use humanoid robots for that mission? The monsters adapted their bodies (fins for swimming, legs for walking, and wings for flying) but the humans and robots just use the same tool for every job. It was just down right awkward watching the robots walk underwater, totally unbelievable that bipedal robots would have a chance underwater against a monster than can swim as well as a shark. Why not submarines or a robot based on a shark or something? They've been fighting these monsters for years and often engaging them at sea, so it seems like they would have more water-focused weapons like submarines, aircraft carriers, etc.

I have some problems with why the robots have to be controlled by two mind-melding people and not by like a room of off-site drone pilots in a control room somewhere. But whatever that didn't bother me too much.

Also I might have to rewatch it, but don't understand if these monsters tried to conquer Earth in the past when the dinosaurs were around and were unsuccessful or if these monsters were suppose to be the dinosaurs? I don't like the idea of them being the dinosaurs because it doesn't make any sense.

But I enjoyed myself a lot sitting in the theater. Not sure that this would translate well to the small screen though.

I personally enjoyed all aspects of this film it was brilliant! the few gripes I had were not enough character development (I am a person who doesn't mind extensive 'talking' in addition to the action!) obviously there could of been more jaeger action such as seeing all the jaegers been destroyed before the program got shut down. The last point is the russian and chinese jaegers been destroyed so easily/quickly either they survive a fight after we meet them that plays on their strengths such as a double event where they survive or a montage when they are introduced showing all their kills.

I didn't think about what six whole years of no breaches meant I just interpreted it as 'the Russians are badass'. You're right they must of took down a LOT of kaiju!

Did you know RZA made the end credits song?

Even for you there's something to like. But your last comment is just plain trolling.

I thought they said the kaiju turned up, unleashed hell and killed all the dinosaurs, then it turned out they couldn't survive in prehistoric Earth's atmosphere. So they went away and came back once humans got on the scene and the climate had changed. Or something...

The script was dire, the acting was dreadful, and the plot had more holes the a swiss cheese. But you know what? None of that matters because it is just so much fun! I haven't sat back and enjoyed myself so much in the cinema for a long time. Absolutely fantastic.

Not seen it yet, watching the cam version tonight, thanks, matey, lol. But it is kaiju! And mechs, how can it be bad?

Idris Elba's in it, oh dears :(

Genuinely loved the movie - so much so that I'm planning to see it again before it leaves cinemas - and I very rarely do that these days. Easily the best big budget blockbuster since the Avengers for my money - it was just so much fun!

It's definitely not for everyone - it's sensibilities are downright eccentric as modern blockbusters go - and that is being reflected in the box office - I think the majority of people just won't 'get' it, and that's fine. I can totally understand why people could really take against the film for its clunky dialogue, dodgy acting, cringeworthy attempts at humour and uber-cheesiness. But what can I say? It just clicked with me - I laughed along with the preposterousness of it all - the film had so much heart and charm that I just went along with it, and I had an absolute blast.

I loved the lack of flag-waving pro-US propaganda, the international scale and sense of world-building - so many wonderfully realised ideas, from the Kaiju black market, to the 'Bone Slums', to the insane and charming names (Gipsy Danger!). You can tell so much thought and care has gone into creating this world, and it shines through on screen.

The script and story will no doubt be bashed by many, but in my opinion, it was perfectly fine - and so much more focused, coherent and satisfying than pretty much any other modern blockbuster, with their ridiculously convoluted narratives and redundant characters. Just look at Iron Man 3, The Dark Knight Rises, Man of Steel, Star Trek ID, the list goes on... Not one single strong idea between them - to me they all just felt like sequences of things happening determined by complex plots rather than proper narrative arcs. Pacific Rim knows exactly what it wants to do, and it does it wonderfully - a proper film by a proper director.

I think you need to look up the definition of the term 'plot hole', because those things you listed aren't plot holes.

"Cancelling the program so we can build a wall, without even testing it?"

The wall was presented as a joke that was inevitably going to fail - the product of government desperation and bureaucracy. It was SUPPOSED to be a folly. Notice the 'Completion Time: NEVER' graffiti on the sign.

"The whole world relying on a small group of 10+ people in a warehouse with hardly any guns?"

The world wasn't 'relying' on them. The Jaeger program - once huge - has been decommissioned, and is only still going because Pentecost has turned to dodgy Black Market investors to keep the lights on.

"The fact that one scientist is the only one working on it in the entire planet?"

Where does it say that in the film? There are TWO research scientists working in the Shatterdome, but as noted above they are running on a skeleton staff.

"They ban him from melding with the thing despite its obvious tactical advantage?"

They ban him because of the inherent risks - which is born out to be true as not only are there obvious medical risks - his brain could explode for all they know - but the Kaiju also gain intelligence from the Scientist's brain.

"The way they cant drop a bomb without having the DNA, but they can come back out with any?"

This one actually counts as a minor plot hole. That was dumb, or at least inadequately explained.

"The way they can build robots whose guns can kill the the things, but
they only give them one, in the chest? Instead they give them a
sword.... what??"

I concede that the weapons aspect was a little confusing - why not use the sword earlier? etc etc. But that's at most a bit of a contrivance to manufacture dramatic tension - something pretty much all action films do. For example name the amount of films where a villain has the hero at their mercy, but decides to explain their plan rather than just killing the hero. Hardly a plot hole.

"I'm poking holes here, but I don't understand why they only used robots
against the monsters. Why not use monsters and planes, bombs, etc?
Seems like missiles would have been effective too."

It was explained in the prologue that the first Kaiju to attack was brought down with conventional weapons, but it took so long to do that it had already destroyed three major cities before it went down.

The other answer of course is that giant mechs fighting giant monsters is awesome, and that's what we all want to see.

Tom basically said everything I felt about the movie - I just went along with it and loved every second! I will definitely see it again before it goes to Blu-Ray which is also rare for me. I really have to love a movie these days to see it twice in the cinema (mainly due to ticket prices, take note multiplexes).

I was genuinely sitting there with my hand over my mouth during the Jager/Kaiju fights with a mixture of 'holy crap this is awesome' and 'holy crap! That Jager is SCREWED!' written across my face. I thought the Kaiju were pretty intense and seemingly unstoppable, which I loved. It was good that they killed characters off, I felt it added to the danger element. I was worried I wouldn't be able to tell what was going on during the fights due to the night/rain/3D element but it was fine and the 3D was brilliant throughout. I think it was a post job too which usually suck, so even more impressive.

Loved the cheesiness and the unapologetic nature of the whole premise. I really dug the silly humour and there were a couple of great visual gags which really hit the spot in the middle of the mayhem. Perlman was his usual brilliant self and I'm a big Sons of Anarchy fan so it was cool to see Jax on the big screen :) I didn't find the scientists annoying which I think some people did, I liked the comic relief! The special effects were hands down some of the most incredible I have ever seen, everything had so much weight to it. It's a fascinating world del Toro has created and one I want to go back to.

All in all, a great movie and ironically (considering most people haven't heard of it still) THE blockbuster of the summer, especially after the joyless turd that was Man of Steel. Go and see it!

That is Idris Elba's actual accent, watch 'Luther' and it's the same. He's just good at putting on an American accent (I thought he was American until I was corrected).

My apologies "Tom", I shall change the phrase "plot hole" to "rubbish / lazy story line and or writing ability".

I hope that better suits your Pacific Rim dictionary.

I'm not for a second saying it's a perfect movie or immune to criticism. You didn't like the movie and you're entitled to your opinion, but I just don't think most of the specific things you're criticising it for are valid. Many of them just make it sound like you weren't paying attention, as they were clearly explained in the film.

I agree that it was predictable, but I really didn't have a problem with that - big Summer movies like this where the focus is on action and spectacle work a lot better when they are a bit formulaic. I'd rather have a slightly predictable, cheesy blockbuster than a load of meandering, pretentious gibberish like Prometheus.

I must admit I groaned at a lot of the attempts at humour - or laughed AT them, just as I laughed at a lot of the cheesy dialogue like the ID4 speech at the end, but I was so taken with the film it just added to my enjoyment rather than being a negative.

Like hell was Elba the weak link, no offence to the main cast, but the two main pilots but I honestly did not care whether they lived or died, but Elba's character was the only one I wanted to make it out alive. I knew he wouldn't but he had such presence on the screen, and his final speech before the two Jaegers set out for the breach genuinely gave me chills. He was the best actor playing the best character, if you're looking for the weak link how about Burn Gorman's over the top mad scientist?

You're comparing two characters, one primary, one secondary. If they had similar screen time then maybe you'd have a case, but as they are both underdeveloped stereotypes you have to appreciate a) who had the most pretentious dialogue and b) how he decided to deliver it.
Not that I'm a huge fan of Gorman, he's certainly funny lookin'.
However, Elba's SHIFT KEY was broken on his PACINO KEYBOARD. HOO RA!

Every character in this film was an underdeveloped stereotype, and yes Elba's dialogue was pretentious and cliche but so was most of the dialogue in the film. I'm not saying the film was bad, I loved it, but let's be honest the script and characters were weaker parts of the film, the Jaeger Kaiju fights were the reason people want to see it. Personally I have no problem with Elba's delivery, his character was certainly the most memorable for me. The "cancelling the apocalypse" speech wasn't groundbreaking but it was inspiring, and the rest of his lines were delivered fine by my account.

Some have commented that the Chinese and Russian jaegers got short shrift, and I agree, I would have loved to see their fights that lead to their reputations. What i realised afterwards was that given the kaiju are learning, they were able to pre-empt the moves these successful Jaegers made , having learnt from previous defeats, especially with stopping the Crimson typhoon special move. Gypsy Danger had been out of commission for some years, had a brand new team , and one half of the team known for making things up on the fly.

I loved the movie and the first for a long while, that i have seen more than once given current prices. Real love went into the making of it, and all up on screen

Del Toro cast him because he watches Luther. I haven't seen that show but this film made me question his range. It's not like he was stretched far in Ths Wire. He butchered what should have been a laugh out loud moment when he turns a blind eye to Thor's shenanigans.

I loved this film, it lived up to my expectations. I felt like a little kid again watching old Godzilla movies with my dad. Its a shame the US movie goers went to see Grown ups 2 but there you go. Great movie planning on my third viewing soon.

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