Final trailer for Pacific Rim

Trailer Simon Brew 3 Jul 2013 - 06:35

Warner Bros unleashes one last trailer for Guillermo del Toro's upcoming blockbuster, Pacific Rim...

The worldwide embargo on reviews of Guillermo del Toro's eagerly-awaited movie, Pacific Rim, lifts early next week, and we'll by that stage have an idea as to whether it's living up to the high hopes that we and many others have for it.

As you may know, it opens on July 12th, opposite Grown Ups 2 in the US, and there's a tangible chance as things stand that the Adam Sandler-headlined sequel will open ahead of Pacific Rim. This is a wrong that clearly needs righting.

The latest marketing salvo, then, is a final trailer for the movie that's just been released, that we've got for you here. See what you make of this...

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Pacific Rim 2 will feature the Jaegers pitted against Adam Sandler (officially the planet's unfunniest man) in a fight to save the whole of humanity...

I think the way Vince Vaughn is choosing parts nowadays, he's giving Adam Sandler a run for his money, unfunny wise that is.

So, you have to wonder just what title the adult entertainment industry will come up with when they eventually do their version of the movie. I mean, it's not like 'Pacific Rim' doesn't already sound like some kind of Asian specialty!

Guillermo del Toro needs to make a film of All Hail Megatron

None of the trailers are getting me excited for this at all, even talking to other geeks there is a low interest in this from a large amount. If they can't even convince the geek crowd to see this I don't see how It's going to open big or beat grown-ups 2

are they inside the robots or controlling them from a distance?

I'm amazed by the negativity about this movie. Yes, the marketing has not been the best ever devised. But the concept - Jaegers vs Monsters, just calls siren-like to my inner 12 year old. I'm seeing it on the opening night, in IMAX and 3D and I don't care if I'm the only one there. Everyone who seems to have pre-judged it can stay at home ...

... because that means more popcorn for me!

They be all up in dem big robots dude.

Whilst I am looking forward to this film alot, i'm more hoping it will be a success so Del Toro can finally get AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS green-lit.

Dude, it's that one movie with the robots and the kaiju monsters! I'm so going to watch the s/t out of this one!!!

I can't wait to see this! Loving the fan art for this movie too. Hoping that this leads to 'At The Mountains Of Madness' and maybe 'Hellboy 3' too.

I'm not REALLY that interested in this. The concept just goes way over my head. I will go see this, however, because I love Del Toro and want all his projects to do well, just so we get more of his magic on screen. Oh, and because Adam Sandler needs to stop making movies.

Oh, so Del Toro can make a film with Ron Perlman in but it's NOT Hellboy 3? *seethes*

it's a marketing ploy, more people are going to see it because they think it's a dirty film

Dammit, although I'm really looking forward to seeing this, I'm sick and tired of the "Today we are cancelling the apocalypse" speech!

Its a film of giant fighting monsters and robots bashing the life out of each other, and it goes over your head?! But you are reading a site biased to sci-fi films? Maybe you are in the wrong place...

Just one cliché piece of cheesy dialogue after another. Idris, so disappointed in you (at least you kept your British accent though!)

I'm very angry that they didn't make films like this 30 years ago when I was a kid. Oh well better late than never.

*happy sigh*

Goddam it Richie :l

I'm just not so sure about this film, that's all. I didn't realise that this film is every sci-fi film ever made...


i think the negative reactions from some who have not even seen the
movie yet is could be a bit excessive at times. i don't wanna say too
much, hope you can make your own judgement if you see the movie.

for myself, this movie has heart, depth, drama, action…is it perfect?
no, not at all but it really is a BIG leap from Transformers (no SHia
Lebeouf going “OOppptiimussssss, NNNNooooooooooo….”, We have
nationalistic but no racist robots, and no stoopid model posing shots
either!) and i had a BLAST of a time!!! fyi, i thought HELLBOY 1&2
were just OK, i didnt think The Avengers was that great, and both IM3
& Star Trek:IND were way overated (imho), so pacific rim was a
pleasant surprise!

the kind of MEN who won’t like this movie are probably those who have
lost their ‘inner child’, intellectual arsehole wannabes or those in a
permanently depressed/conflicted state-of-mind.

The ‘bonding’/'opening up completely’ of the 2 co-pilots should
resonate well with the female audience as well, so i think Pacific Rim
would be an ‘acceptable’ date movie as long as you don’t GEEKOUT too
much in front of the lady you’re trying to impress. This movie surprised
me with a pretty good ‘emotional’ beat, even some serious tones but
tempered with a 'light' touch of a 'summer Big Budget movie' that should
help enlighten the evening with your date.

I had a great time, will go again when it hits the screen.

A Jaeger vs an adam sandler Kaiju, what a concept! the kaiju could probably piss toxic acid as it's special weapon.

inside, you be inside a freakin' 250 feet tall moveable iron condom, with spikes.

non of that iron man 'pilot from a distance remote control' bs.

Giant robots fighting sea monsters...I cannot find anything in this string of words not to like....count me in :)

It's actually a lot more than giant robots and monster scrapping. That's just how the marketing peeps seem to be selling it based off the success of the awful Transformers films. I hear it explores the side effects the pilots have when they 'mind meld' with their partners. Shared memories etc. It actually sounds a lot more intriguing than the marketing dept are giving it credit for.

Pacific Rim is to be my first IMAX experience, and I cannot wait.

This movie looks silly, but oh so much fun. Getting more and more excited each time i see a trailer for it and hoping to god it leads to hellboy 3 before perlman is over the hill.

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