Work begins on Pacific Rim 2

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5 Dec 2012 - 06:30

Pacific Rim might not be out until next summer, but writing has started on Pacific Rim 2...

Presumably because Guillermo del Toro was, er, short of a bit of work to do (what with Crimson Peak, Pinocchio, finishing Pacific Rim, his DreamWorks Animation commitments and the TV show of the books he co-authored with Chuck Hogan, The Strain, on his immediate agenda), another project has popped up on his slate.

This one is Pacific Rim 2, which Warner Bros has commenced work on, ahead of the release of the del Toro-directed blockbuster of next year. Pacific Rim remains the big summer movie of next year we're probably keenest to see, and in the hope and anticipation that it's a hit, Warner Bros is clearly wanting to have a sequel ready. Thus, it's hired Travis Beacham to start working on a screenplay to Pacific Rim 2. del Toro will co-write the script with him, although whether he finds space to direct is another matter.

It seems logical policy at Warner Bros now to start writing work on a second film before the first is released. It's a relatively economical way of being able to turn a sequel around quicker. As such, it got Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows out of the traps quickly, although the screenplay to Green Lantern 2 was probably quietly put in a drawer.

More on Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim 2 as we hear it.

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