First trailer for Oz The Great And Powerful

Trailer Simon Brew 13 Jul 2012 - 08:13

Sam Raimi is digging into the origins of The Wizard Of Oz, with Oz The Great And Powerful. And we’ve got the first trailer…

Arriving next March, Oz The Great And Powerful is a film that’s going to explore the origins of The Wizard Of Oz.  The movie is being directed by Sam Raimi, his first big blockbuster since he left the world of Spider-Man. We’re looking forward to seeing it.

In the cast are James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams and Zach Braff, and a first teaser trailer for the film has appeared overnight. You can watch it right here. Seems to be shaping up really rather nicely...

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Flying monkeys...Niiiiice...

Charlie and the Choc Factory, meets Up, meets Snow White. Visuals feel old but its got Franco!

For me this looks like it could be great. I was a fan of the latest Alice in Wonderland and this has a fell of that about it. Great cats and director to helm. Looking forward to this one.

Looks surprisingly interesting...

Love the fact that design elements from the original are present and correct.... also the topography of Oz appears to pay homage to Burton's Nightmare before Christmas! Love it!

It was an interesting decision to put Franco in with a load of cats though

Yes, them cats will hopefully be able to take on the monkeys!

Looked like the Hobbit from the poster, but more interesting once you've seen the trailer. The witch reminds me of the version from TinMan.

The first act of the musical Wizard of Oz was in sepia not black and white.

Love how long it took me to figure out that the green arm at the end was the Wicked Witch XD:)

OZ is diminutive from oscar!... made my day hahaha

puf this looks too CGI and exactly like Alice in Wonderland...hopefully Saimi will be able to give it some punch and humour....too Playstation-like to me....

Bloody hell, you can see where the budget went!

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