First trailer lands for Spike Lee's Oldboy remake

Trailer Simon Brew 11 Jul 2013 - 07:19

It's a very red band trailer, as the first full promo for the remake of Oldboy, starring Josh Brolin, has landed...

Later this year, we get to find out if director Spike Lee has taken on a poisoned chalice, or managed to remake a brilliant and brutal film successfully, with enough of an individual stamp on it. We're talking about the American remake of Oldboy, with Josh Brolin in the lead role this time around.

A first trailer for the film has now appeared, giving us a good flavour of what's to come. Please be warned that this is a very red band trailer, so no watching this if you're young and impressionable or anything. If - like us - you're neither of those things, then help yourself to this...

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I can't help but notice that after all that 'it will be based on the manga' guff it looks a LOT like the Korean film. And yes I have read the manga, all 8 volumes are sitting on my bookshelf, and there sure as heck ain't no hammer scene in the manga!
Remake crud again man.

If I had never read the manga comics, and seen the Korean version I would say yeah, this looks pretty good. BUT. It is as we all expected. A pointless remake. It doesn't matter how good it is, it is not needed. What will this film add to the Korean one except for Samuel L Jackson (who i think should be in every film released).

From Academy Award nominated director Spike Lee comes the remake of the film all American's heard was good but couldn't be bothered sitting through and reading along with.

.and also featuring attractive corcasians instead of those easterners

2 Americans in a film rental store...

American No1: Hey, check this one out. Nice cover. Oldeuboi? I hear it's meant to be pretty good.
American No2: Oldeuboi? Hmm. Sounds odd but I like the cover. Fancy renting it out?
American No1: I guess so. I think it's Korean or some sh*t.
American No2: Korean? Is it dubbed into American?
American No1: No. I think it's subtitles!
American No2: Subtitles? What, like… reading? No thanks. I hate books.
American No1: Yeah man, lets just wait for the american version. I bet it'll be sweet.
American No2: No doubt. Let's just rent The Ring again, that Naomi Watts is HOT.

I havent read the Manga for this, but have seen the Korean version several times but the Americans are obviously uncomfortable with themes like Incest, as one of the key parts of the plot in the Korean version is the fact he is manipulated into unknowingly sleeping with his Daughter as part of his continued punishment. From the trailer they are obviously circumventing this as they show him viewing an interview with his Daughter so he knows who she is. Shame really. Will probably be a onetime watch out of curiosity but i cant imagine it will be all that good tbh.

Pretty sure he has a weapon of some sort when he 1st comes out the lift in the Korean version, been a while since i've seen it though, but i suspect its there to cover the fact they cant outright copy the Koreans in the remake.

While I'm not one for crying out "spoiler!!!" you have effectively given away the major surprise in the Korean version (at least) for a pointless gripe at what seemed to me to be clear misdirection and if so you have also given away the major surprise in an unreleased movie.
If you had said "It's a pity, considering the Korean version touches on taboo themes that the American version looks to be avoiding this" anyone who has seen the Korean version would have known exactly what you were on about and those haven't would be left guessing at best. Even better would have been a straight forward "it's a pity the major surprise in the Korean version looks to be ditched." Believe it or not we understand these things without having the minutiae explained to us.
You know I don't care how old a movie or novel is, it shows a shocking lack of manners revealing major plot point of stories on open forums when you have absolutely no need to. It's not as if we are at the point where the American version is released and we are having a conversation comparing the two where such "spoilers" are part of the normal discourse. You just flat out said "hey in case you havn't seen the Korean version this here is the major plot twist and it doesn't look as if it's in the US version but seeing as how it's not released I may be wrong. Either way, the plot twist I divulged was so integral to my enjoyment that I watched the Korean version several times. It's a good movie, if noone spoils it for you."
Just clear bad manners.


Yeah, the hammer scene is there in the original film. It's a fairly pivotal scene. It's the first real act of violence (if I remember correctly) and sets the tone of the film well.

I know. I said there's no hammer in the MANGA. They claimed they were doing the source material, not the Korean film. They lied.


Video removed by used message for me. Man the Korean movie just blew me away, completely. It is just a staggering piece of work, I'll go and see this out of interest (and the fact that a small local cinema now charges £2.50 during the week, I can go once a week for a month for the same price one ticket costs at our local Vue). I'll keep and open mind and all that, after all, the Korean version was an adaptation in itself. Oh and to the guy below revealing the major plot twist?. Not cool baby, not cool at all.

Yeah, corcasians are the worst.

"Film rental store"? What? Where?

In all seriousness, even as a Canadian, this is a litte silly. I'm sure there are many in American geekdom who love the original, subtitles and all.

It was meant to be silly. That was the point.

Sorry, I should have added unnecessary to silly.

Point taken.

But I had a spare 5 mins at work to do something unnecessarily silly.

Just doing the noble work of stereotype police! Now, sorry to have bothered you sir, I'll leave you alone. I have beavers to feed and maple trees to tap, anyways - oh, and hockey practice of course! ; )

That's ok. I'm meeting the Queen in 20mins for a cuppa tea and game of cricket.

Tally-ho sir.

The vid is a goner!

I'm sure there are but he's got a valid point you know, otherwise this wouldn't have been remade would it?

It's been remade solely to make it more 'accessible' to the western audience, in this case accessible means 'not in Korean' which is a huge turn off for probably the majority of Americans.

This movie was remade solely to make more money by, yes, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

I believe that those who would have heard of the originals merits, and cared enough to judge them, would have picked up the original.

Now, some may be annoyed because they don't believe that Oldboy requires a remake as it doesn't require any improvement (likely true), but some are just as annoyed because this means a wider audience and in some way that makes the original less special.

Oh, that is marvelous. Corcasians...

I genuinely can't tell if that misspelling is accidental or a deliberate play on words...

Video Removed by User! Now I'll have to move my hand and eyes around and find it myself, damn it!

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING If you ain't seen the original please dont read 'Jase' comments.. Seriously.

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