Trailer for Oculus, starring Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff

Trailer Simon Brew 6 Mar 2014 - 09:18

Two stars of Doctor Who and Battlestar Galactica - Karen Gillan and Katee Sackhoff - join forces for new horror, Oculus. Here's the trailer.

Arriving in US cinemas in April is a brand new horror movie by the name of Oculus. It's from director Mike Flanagan, who co-wrote the movie (updating his own short), and it tells the story of a woman who's trying to clear her brother of murder. Her theory? Something supernatural is at work.

The film gives one-time Doctor Who star Karen Gillan a starring role, alongside the likes of Katee Sackhoff and Rory Cochrane. Oculus is earmarked for a June release in the UK too, and here's the trailer for it...

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Well it's about time this got a mention here!

Yay!! June.That's not as bad as i thought as i was expecting the distributors to perhaps keep it back for Halloween.I'm pleased i'll get the opportunity to enjoy Gillans' work on this before Guardians Of The Galaxy is released.Most of the early buzz from preview screenings at festivals has been quite positive but i would see it for the sake of looking at why Karen wanted to work on it anyway.The trailer is satisfyingly creepy too.

Kind of reminds me a bit of the old British 70s horror film "From Beyond the Grave" that told 4 separate stories and in this one different occupants of a flat are taken over by a possessed mirror.

The Gatecrasher (from Wikipedia)
Edward Charlton (David Warner) purchases an antique mirror for a knock down price, having tricked the Proprietor into believing it is a reproduction. When he takes it home, Charlton holds a séance at the suggestion of his friends, and falls into a trance. He finds himself in a netherworld where he is approached by a
sinister figure. The figure appears to stab him, and Charlton awakes screaming. Later, the figure's face appears in the mirror and orders Charlton to kill so that he can "feed". Charlton butchers people until the apparition is able to manifest himself outside of the mirror. The figure then explains that Charlton must do one more thing before the figure can walk abroad and join the others like him. The figure says he will take Charlton "beyond the ultimate", and persuades Charlton to kill himself by impaling himself on a knife. The mirror stays in Charlton's
flat for years after his death, until the latest owner also decides to hold a séance. Once the séance starts, Charlton's hungry spectre appears in the mirror.

Looks a bit like Mama meets Mirrors.

Or the "Haunted Mirror" segment from "Dead Of Night" (1945) which inspired "From Beyond The Grave" and countless other spooky mirror stories.

ahhh yes the good old light bulb trick

Woo! I'm in. Two of my favourite (non-objectifiable human people) actresses in one spooky thriller. WHEE!!!

Very intrested - hopefully it'll get a release over here in Australia, sadly, unless it's not Paranormal Activity (a franchise I do enjoy), most horror films go straight to DVD :(

WWE Studios? What the heck?

Looks like a good old-fashioned creepy possession story, although I'm not too impressed with Gillan's American accent. She has such a strong Scottish brogue that I can appreciate it must be difficult to hide it at times... B- for effort though.

Ah Karen Gillian taking the Connery lessons of american accents! still interesting though

Nice qualification there bud.

Looks fun!

No media announcements about her involvement in the Bound For Greatness thing she was working on with Keir O Donnell and Jimmy Gadd yet,i notice.Don't know anything about that yet.Lead role?Supporting role?Television project?Film?Seems to be a little independent thing.Selfie is a comedic lead role collaborating with ABC which is part of the Disney/Marvel corporate structure,with Suburgatorys' creator.She also made a comedy called The List just before shooting Guardians last year which is still to be released.Yes,i am a fanboy and geek.You're Welcome.WE VENERATE THE EXALTATIONS OF THE MOTHER SUPERIOUS.

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